Thursday, May 31, 2012

searching for sugar gliders in books

Hi, this is Xander.  Isn't he adorable?  Xander's a sugar glider (a type of possum native to Australia).  He's been a member of our family for nearly 10 years- I can hardly believe it's been that long.
One reason I started collecting everything written by Mem Fox is because in several of her books you can find gliders in the illustrations.  You see, Mem Fox lives in Australia and has written several books about Aussie animals.  The illustrations below can be found in...
Koala Lou , a terrific story of staying true to yourself and unconditional love.
Possum Magic , a grand adventure in which Grandma Poss and Hush search for the right bush magic.
Hunwick's Egg , the story of the sweetest little bandicoot & an unusual friendship.
Can you see those adorable little gliders?
All of my kids love Xander, though he seems to prefer time alone nowadays, he's a good boy and very sweet when the kids want to see, feed and hold him.
 Yesterday Kit spend quite a long time with him on her lap, she fed him pine nuts (his favorite treat).
 When he was young and we didn't have kids of our own yet we'd spend hours in the night (gliders are nocturnal) trying to get really cool photos of him gliding.  This is the best one we ever got.  He hardly ever glides anymore.  Now he seems to be more chicken than sugar glider.
Here's a photo of me from a zillion years ago (7 yrs ago, I was expecting Dax).  Before human babies joined our family I took Xander everywhere with me.  I'd let him hitch a ride in pockets, hoodies... anywhere he could find that was cozy.
Oh how time flies.  Happy reading & happy exotic pets.
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PS What's the most exotic pet you've ever had?

PS I don't recommend gliders for pets.  We love Xander... but really sugar gliders are hard work and there are MANY reasons to get a creature better suited for domesticated life- just a little info from someone who's been there done that.  fyi

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