Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Searching for the Green Sheep

Hey!  Did you know there's a PP & PB giveaway going on this week?  If you'd like to enter go to our FB page and comment on Monday's photo of six books up for grabs.  This is a thank you giveaway for all our wonderful readers!  Thank You!

Remember how it's Mem Fox month?  I think the first time I ever read anything by Ms. Fox it was Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (which Whitney posted about earlier this week here).  During college I read several of her other books, all of which had very intricate beautiful pictures.  When I saw her name on Where Is the Green Sheep? in the book order (several years ago) I was kind of confused... at the time I didn't realize that pretty much all of her books are illustrated by different artists and it just seemed so strange to me that she had a book with SUCH a different style look.

Since then this book has been read countless times at our house.  The silly rhythmic text, bright/simple illustrations, and questions throughout (that encourage participation during reading) has drawn each of my young children in.  It's one of those books that's asked for repeatedly around here.
Usually when I create activities in conjunction with books it's for my boys.  They're 4 & 6 and in constant desire of being entertained... not to mention how demanding they are that I entertain them.  Many times we wait until little sister Miss Kitten is napping to pull out the messy project (who am I kidding my house is full of someones messy project all the time, not just nap time) anyway.  Today's activity was made for and dedicated to Miss Kitten, though the boys got to help too.

I mimicked Judy Horacek's illustrations to make black outline sheep and bushes on heavy card stock.  I pulled out the water colors.  (Luckily I have a watercolor set that you can separate, this kept the kids from mixing the colors like they would have otherwise.)  The kids painted eight different sheep eight different colors to match eight different bushes.
My thought was to create a game for Kitten.  She's just starting to recognize names and colors... just.  She got the hang of this game quickly.  She loves finding the matching pairs.  So far she identifies orange and black.  She guesses green for everything else.  ;)

Bibs got into the action too- we made it a memory game for him.

Though Kitten doesn't necessarily like it when her brothers join in on the fun, she thinks this game belongs to her and her alone.  And that's ok with me.  :)

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