Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mothers and Maurice...

Here before Mother's Day I thought I might be fun to use a bunch of different illustrations to tell the story of motherhood.  I had planned to use work from a variety of artists, but then after the passing of Maurice Sendak I changed my mind a bit.  Instead of a bunch of different mommy books, today you're getting a variety of mommies created by Maurice.  His range is so broad and it really is amazing to me how he captures so many unique and different parts of motherhood...

I would hold my kids like this all day if they would let me!  I love the idea of being cheek to cheek and sharing that, 'I love you more than I can even begin to describe so I'm just gonna hold you tight and soak it all in' feeling.

 We often have major clothing drama in this house, so I am quite fond of this illustration.  I especially love the simple, yet telling look on the mother's face.  In her mind I know she's thinking something like, "But you asked specifically to wear this five minutes ago and you told me yesterday green was your favorite color?!?"

This one is so powerful!  I know all mothers have felt this way before, firm and loving, but also a bit desperate.   I love how their hands are drawn, too.  Have you ever looked at your child like this and hoped upon hope that when you broke their gaze and let go everything would turn out right?

I am certain this is what I look like to the other drivers when I drop my kids off for school in the morning!

I love this tender, comforting scene between Mother Bear and Little Bear.  I am so happy to still be in the stage of motherhood where a hug can fix almost any problem.

 Finally, I have to share this one, it's patterned after a photograph of Maurice and his mother.  I love pictures of mothers with a new baby. I think you can see that even though this little person is so small and so much work right now, his mother knows he was destined for greatness.  He was!

Happy reading and happy Mother's Day!
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