Friday, May 11, 2012

Meet Shana Corey!

Today we're celebrating women; strong, influential women in history.  The women who were brave enough to pave the way for women living in the world today.

Recently I wrote a post about my kids' newly found interest in books based on real life.  In that post I mentioned Mermaid Queen.
I picked this book up on a whim at the last book fair I attended.  It's a true story based on Annette Kellerman, "champion swimmer, risk-taker, and fashion rebel who invented both water ballet and the modern swimsuit" (taken from Author's Note).  Shana Corey, author of this fabulous book, told the story of Annette beautifully.  My children and I were all enthralled.

It made me want to know more about Shana, I wondered if she'd written anything else.  I found she's written several picture books many of which are based on historical, strong, influential women... I suddenly couldn't wait to get my hands on more of her books!

I decided to contact the author herself, she got right back to me.  She was absolutely friendly and gracious to me in every way.  It's obvious she's a very lovely woman.  You can learn more about Shana Corey at her website.  Not long after we were in contact, I received several of her books from Scholastic to review- I TRULY enjoyed every one.  Let me share...

You Forgot Your Skirt, Amelia Bloomer is the most delightful true story of one of the women who was right in the center of the women's rights movement during the mid 1800's.
She embraced the style of wearing 'baggy pantaloons with a short skirt over them." Bloomers!  I just can't imagine how uncomfortable it would have been to live when women were expected to wear yards and yards of fabric, tightly laced corsets, etc.  Thank goodness for women like Amelia who sewed the seeds of change for women's fashion today, aka: wear whatever you want.

I absolutely love Players In Pigtails based on the women who came together to form the All-American Girls Softball League during WWII.  These women were strong, patriotic and they were good at playing ball!
These are stories of women who broke stereotypes and made the world a better place for all of us.

Her latest book Here Come the Girl Scouts! was definitely my favorite.
I got all teary eyed reading this story... it's not even like I was ever a girl scout.  But I did spend my childhood involved in 4-H and maybe it's the community centered service involved in both organizations that got me going, I don't know.  Either way, the Girl Scouts are currently celebrating their 100 year anniversary-  its the perfect time to pick up a copy of this book.
It tells the story Juliette Gordon Low aka, Daisy, who brought this great organization to the US.
I LOVE the celebration of girls and women.  I LOVE sitting with my children reading these real life stories about people who made a difference.  Not only that, the things they did are still making a difference today!  Is there a better message to share with our daughters and sons?  I think not.
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I received these books for review purposes, all opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.  All photographs I took are directly from said books and all credit goes to author, illustrators and publishers.

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