Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Last Night I Swam With a Mermaid...

Well hello lovelies!  Today I have something most fantastic to share!  I first heard about this book from Melissa, and of course in my excitement I made the mistake of telling Lilac about it. As expected, she was thrilled (she is her mother's daughter, after all).  She had a birthday coming and asked if I could please PLEASE get it for her.  You bet I could-- what kind of mother who loves her child (and books) would I be if I said no?

Hmmm, it turns out this one was so hot off the presses that is wasn't readily available in my area yet-- lucky for me, and Lilac, and you, I was able to get a review copy. Feast your eyes people! Feast your eyes!!

Here's the idea: a little girl has the chance to actually swim in the sea with a really real mermaid. Look! At! That! Tail!  This totally amazed Lilac, and me for that matter.  Oh the amount of times she asked if that was real, too many to count!

I mean even if you come to the conclusion that it is a person in a mermaid tail, it is still unbelievable! She has a tail and she's swimming, and she's totally a mermaid! (Right? Amazing!) 

In the book, the mermaid is an advocate for not only the sea, but also for believing in yourself. Before the adventure begins, the little girl must learn the Mermaid Mantra.  Do you love the sound of that? Throughout the book, the rhythmic text eludes to pausing to look around yourself, feeling the magic, respecting what you're experiencing, and knowing you have what you need inside to achieve your goals.

Oh and can I just say, the breathtaking photography is show stopping!  I have been stewing over how to do these images justice-- I assure you, instagram cannot capture the true beauty of these photos. 

Now, let me brag for a minute about the people behind the book.  First we have the author, Kimberly Muller, who is one bright mama!  She combined her love for the planet and her childrens' love for stories.  Then, she added the talent of person number two, her amazing photographer husband, Michael Muller.   I must also mention the mermaid herself, Hannah Fraser, who is clearly cool BEYOND measure.  You can read more about all of them here.  

Do you want a copy yet?  Good news, I know where to find it now!  You can buy it in person at Curves Boutiques (in LA, Miami, New York City & San Francisco) or at Jenni Kayne Boutiques.  Online, you can find it right at the source http://www.lastnightiswamwithamermaid.com/, but also at Romp and supposedly Entertaining Elephants (though, I didn't see it there myself.)

(I really threw that image in for Snoopy, Bibs, and any little boys out there who might think a mermaid book isn't for them.  Yes, it has sparkle and twirling and fancy girl stuff, but its got sharks too-- and lots of other cool ocean life.)

Thanks to Rellum Publishing and Kimberly Muller for sending this book my way!  I thoroughly enjoyed my swim with a mermaid!  Also, I wanted to tell you PP&PB readers the answer to one burning question I had for the publisher: Will we see another mermaid book in the future?  Answer: Yes.  To which I respond, YES!   And, it turns out Kimberly Muller has another book which will soon be available on Amazon.  It's called The Adventures of Fifi and Noni and it sounds just darling.  If I get any more info on it, I'll be sure to share.   

Happy reading and happy swimming!
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PS- Credit for all those images of course goes straight to Michael Muller.  This book was sent to me for review purposes, so any opinions I had are all my own.  You are of course welcome and encouraged to pick up a copy and make up your own mind (you're gonna want a mermaid tail after you do though, just sayin'.)

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