Friday, May 25, 2012

illustration inspired wall art

Honestly I didn't even know what a blog really was before Whitney talked me into partnering up for this kids book blog endeavor.  I've said this before, but it's been like reinventing the wheel for me.  Everything I do on here I've done the hard way first (which is frustrating).  But it's been a very rewarding experience too.  Whitney and I are in contact practically every day- which is SUPER awesome (especially since we lost each other for nearly a decade)... I'm more motivated than ever to do fun creative stuff with my kids and I've made some really incredible friends.  Folks I would have never met if it hadn't been for blogging.

One of these friends is Vanessa from Silly Eagle Books.

Check out this fantastic artwork she sent me!
Vanessa was inspired by a book (which my library DOESN"T have- AHHHH!) to create these wonderful works of art.  (Click here to see more she created and to learn more about the book.)  Actually, Vanessa is often inspired by the books she reads to make, create and do amazing things.  I  have spent countless hours perusing the archives of her site.

When I received the cards she sent I instantly knew where I wanted to hang them- in Miss Kitten's room directly above our chest of dress up clothes.

I originally was going to put them in straight -all lined up- but I really liked tilty look better.  So I went with that.  It's hanging directly above the chest, which means it's low to the ground.  Right at the eye level of my little ones.  I love the way the colors pop!  I just think it's a fantastic piece of artwork to own.
Here's our little costume corner.
Do you love it?  I love it!  Thanks Vanessa.
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