Thursday, May 17, 2012

far to go

I'm Thursday's child.

I picked this book up 2nd hand, it came with all the markings.  Ever since I found it I've wondered about B.J., Timothy, Sam, Howard & Johnathan (Did the rhyme fit each child and more importantly which one scribbled all over the pages of one of my favorite nursery rhymes?).  Honestly I was just thrilled to find a copy of Deans Gift Book of Nursery Rhymes  regardless of the condition.  I grew up with Dean's A Book of Fairy Tales , which was easily the book I spent more time pouring over than any other as a kid.  Oh the illustrations... oh the illustrations.

I feel good about being Thursday's child- so full of potential, right?  Which child are you?
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ps I've talked about this book before, here's another poem I featured if you'd like to see.

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