Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bibs and the big box

I've mentioned before that my six year old son, Snoopy has recently been accusing me that everything we do is just for the 'blog'.  Okay, so lots of times I come up with book related activities (or see them on pintrest) that I think would be cool to try out and put on the blog... BUT today's post proves that sometimes activities happen regardless of me; and I post about them even though they weren't PLANNED for the blog.

Several months ago we picked up Meeow and the Big Box at the library.  I'd never heard of it before, but I'm a sucker for cat books (remember this post?).  It's a very simple book about a cat named Meeow who takes a cardboard box and using a little bit of paint and some imagination turns it into a fire engine.  Guess what?  My 4 year old, Bibs, LOVED IT.  Here's what he says about this book, "I love dis book cause it tells you EXACTWEE how to buiwd a fiwe engine fow youw cat."  

Folks, after we read this story there was NO stopping the kid.  And though I do love doing projects and getting messy with my kids... there are times (ok, alot of times) when I just want the kids to chill out and play with their toys or watch a show cause doing projects all the time is hard mom work.  Anyway, like I said- there was NO stopping the kid when he got this idea in his head.  The first time he made one I told him he was on his own (which meant no paint) sadly we have no pictures of that first project.  A month or so later Bibs saw this book at the library again, he was SUPER excited and he was determined to make another fire engine and, "Make it da wite way dis time!"

There you have it... a cardboard box turned cat's fire engine via Meeow and the Big Box .  See how happy it made our little black cat?  Wait, that cat doesn't look happy, I know.  But the truth is little Wonder (our cat) does LOVE cardboard boxes and it really did play around in it all on it's own, which really did make Bibs super happy.
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PS Apparently there are a few books starring Meeow the black cat, they all look super cute; Meeow and the Blue Table, Meeow and the Little Chairs and Meeow and the Pots and Pans.  I haven't read any of them, but I want to.  I'm very curious what Meeow does with the other stuff he has.  Are they all great guides to building things and or imaginative play?  I'm thinking Bibs would love them all.

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