Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Arthur the Absurd Ape AKA: Whitney writes with wacky words...

Hi, I hope you're happy to be here!  Have you happened upon the hint that I'm hoping you'll handle heartily? 

All About Arthur is an  alphabet book adundant in alliteration! And, I'm attempting to assemble a post using as much alliteration as I am able to! Annoying? Apologies!

Eric Carle's eccetric text and engaging environment print equal enjoyment for everyone!

Quirky quips about quantities of characters quickly quench any qualms or questions about quality.

Oh, the outrage that it's out of print!  Odd!  Omenous!  Obviously an oversight occured!

I'm finding few titles featuring this less familiar format from Carle.   For one, I found Feathered Ones and Furry by Aileen Fisher. Focusing on finding it for purchase seems fairly futile, FYI. (Photos from that one unforunately aren't featured.)

The likeliest location for long lost books like these, local library!  Luckily mine loaned me both lovelies.

My, my! My memory is amiss!  May I remind you of my message Monday to our missing winner? Misfortune for her (mainly from missing the moment to make contact.)  Marvelous moment though for our modified winner...MELISSA!!  May that make your morning magnificent madam!! Make haste in messaging us so mailing may occur mighty soon.

Sadly signing off from the silly single-sounded sentences!
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Well, was that weird or what? It was!

Secondly, spell check seems to be on seista, sorry for spellng oversights you may see!

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