Friday, April 20, 2012

What on Earth?

It's almost Earth Day as I'm sure you've heard (unless you are living under a rock, in which case you're probably good on the whole respecting the planet thing.) So, here comes a little attention to the Earth, via books-- though, our general standpoint around here would of course be...

Every Day is Earth Day is Nancy's little lesson in helping the planet.  We got it as part of our Fancy Nancy Petite Library (super cute tiny books.)It's actually funny because "Everyday is Earth Day" is now a slam that one of the my kids will snidely say to the other if she leaves the light on, or the water running. (Silly girls, going green is for being friendly and helpful, not making other people feel bad.) 

Anyway, as you may or may not know, Fancy Nancy is one of my favorite characters!  She's funny, fancy, friendly & she has some cute tips for being green.  For example...

'Less than a mile, bike in style.'

Also, 'Please take note. Always bring a tote.'

Feeling earthy yet? Well if tips from Fancy Nancy aren't enough, I have another book starring a character I love-ity love love!  I haven't even told you about her yet because this is my favorite Judy Moody book and I have been saving it up until Earth Day even though its not really an Earth Day book (I guess I forgot what Nancy taught me about every day being Earth Day and that I could share Judy before now-- FORGIVE ME!)

I know Judy, I'm sorry, I should have told them sooner.

So, Judy Moody is totally RARE! (That's a Judy-ism.)   She is determined & dramatic (sort of like a certain little lady in this house), and things in her books end happy, which I personally like.  Judy rocks at picking a cause and sticking to it! In this book it's the Earth, and also winning a band-aid contest, but mostly the Earth.

 It will totally put you in an Earth loving mood!  And, the thing about both these books-- they aren't those Earth books filled with pointed propaganda that make you feel bad (I hate that kind of book) -- they're positive and nice to read and they make you wanna go out and love the Earth for real and enjoy it! Maybe by doing something like this...

Yes, that is her real kite in the top left-- not an ounce of blue in the sky, but plenty of wind-- we've always got plenty of that around here. And, isn't that picture on the bottom left gorgeous? Love those flowers! Wish we could give those away too-- well, not all of them, but I wish we could share them, today you'll have to settle for just the kite and book, see details here. I wish I could win them!

Okay kids, happy reading and remember, whether you do it like Nancy or Judy, love the Earth every day.
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