Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Very Hungry Sock Puppet

So, those of you who have been reading the blog for any length of time have probably noticed that I am pretty bad at explaining things concisely.  Let's just put it this way, if I had a nickel for every time an answering machine cut me off, I'd be a rich girl!  Anyway, I have this cool and simple activity that I want to share with you today, but I have to explain some stuff and sort of tutorialize first. (Yikes!) So, bear with me...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is the super best most favorite Eric Carle book of all time, yes? I think so too!  Well, in the magical land of university run preschools, where they have every material, manipulative, book, activity, and learning toy imaginable (seriously, preschool Mecca), there was a hungry caterpillar sock puppet that was just the coolest thing ever.  So, after I graduated, but was still too poor to buy one (beside the fact that I didn't know where to buy one) I just went and made my own version...

1. An old sock with buttons or snaps as eyes.  Or, you can just go with the sock-- I only recently added the eyes, you'll see why they help below.  Obviously, we all know at this point that I'm all about using whatever you have around, hence my snap eyes (from a tiny sewing kit-- even though my child took 100 buttons for the 100th day of school last year. Can I find 2 buttons? Of course not!)

2.Reproductions of the illustrations from the book (the food, the leaf, and the butterfly).  I used pellon which is a stiff, translucent fabric similar to felt.  (I have no idea what it's actually used for, but it worked awesome for this!) It doesn't have to be tough; I pretty much just traced the food straight from the book!

That's it! You're ready to play! Here's some tips on how to get going...

1. Make sure you put the butterfly inside the puppet against your fingers, before you begin telling the story.  We keep the book right by us as we 'act' it out and sort of read along.

2.  I cut a little slit in the leaf and stuck one of the eye buttons through it to make the egg...

3. I use the excess sock fabric below my thumb to make a little pocket where we stuff all the food in. You want him to get super fat, after all.

4. When it's time for the caterpillar to make his cocoon, just wrap the sock around itself, with all the food still tucked in there.  Now, pull out the butterfly and voila! You've done it! 

I'm thinking its time for some action shots.  You've got to see how fun this really is (and I think my dad would have a coronary if I did an activity post and didn't show any pictures of the kids. I mean, it's why he reads the blog and its super nice that he even reads, well it's super nice that anyone reads for that matter!  Thanks Dad and everyone else! Here you go...)

They love it!  As soon as we had done it once, they all wanted a turn to wear the puppet!  Plus, as you can see, the pellon pieces are fun to use for matching with the book, crawling all over, and just generally goofing around with!  Good times!  Happy reading everyone!
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PS-- Super organized Polly from Helping Little Hands invited us to guest post for her while she took some semi-maternity leave, I guess you'd call it. Super unorganized me, on the other hand, messed up and didn't connect with it in cyberspace yesterday, but here's our guest post for real if you want a double dose of PP&PB. Thanks for inviting us Polly!  Hope you and yours are all doing well!

PSS-- I almost forgot, this post is linked up at Tuesday for Tots on Rainy Day Mum (though, my image doesn't seem to be showing up, FYI.  I'm not too tech savvy, as we all know.)

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