Monday, April 2, 2012

Reader, Reader, What Do you See?

I see Eric Carle Month looking at me!!

Yes, that's right!  New month, new feature author!! It's is no secret that Eric Carle is amazing and fantastic and wonderful and cool and fun and loved by all.  BUT we have an extra special place for him in our heart's here at PP&PB.  I'll tell you why...

First, back in the good old days when Robyn and I were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed education majors, we spent a little time working together in a first grade class and one of the lessons that we implemented involved an Eric Carle based art project.  Cool right?  It was Robyn's idea.  (Here's where I would love to insert a photo of the project-- except neither of use have one. Lame, sorry!)

Then, when I had the wacko idea to start a book blog together, one of Robyn's 'wouldn't it be cool if' ideas was that someday we could go to the Eric Carle Museum in New York together and post about it on the blog-- she's a genius isn't she? 

So, as you can see, Eric Carle was there from the very beginning and he's part of our big dreams too!  Clearly he deserves his own month!  If we ever go to the museum, we might spend a whole month blogging about that too, who knows.

Now, because everyone already knows he's generally the greatest thing since sliced bread, here's some cool stuff I just found on his website, which oddly you can get to from this address, or this one.

He got his big break as an illustrator when Bill Martin, Jr. saw the lobster Eric Carle had created for an advertisement.  (The pic in this link is tiny for some reason)

He hosts the Caterpillar Exchange Bulletin Board where parents and teachers can swap lesson ideas based on Eric Carle books.

Here's a slide show tutorial of how he makes his art.

And, a link to the museum's website, of course!
(It's officially called The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.)

Oh, and here's his blog.  

Obviously, we've praised his books before too...

I'm thinking it should be very lovely month! And speaking of lovely, check out this giveaway at Silly Eagle Books it's beautiful!  Happy reading!

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PS- I'm sure this goes without saying, but all the original works of art I have used to create the Eric Carle inspired collage frames seen in this post belong to Eric himself, I just used them to have a little frametastic, instagram fun.   

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