Monday, April 16, 2012

Pancakes! Pancakes! Did I mention PANCAKES?

Awhile ago I got into discussion over at Juila's Bookbag about shaped pancakes.  (Yes, shaped pancakes! Melissa and I are often discussing important matters like this.)  Well, I have been waiting for a good time to bring those very things to PP&PB.  Guess what? It's today! Because...

See, a pancake book by Eric Carle! Pancakes, Pancakes! My kids were very interested in all the steps this boy had to go through to get pancakes (and I'm sure they were a little relieved that their pancakes require less effort.)

Plus there is this other funny one by Tomie DePaola...

Pancakes for Breakfast: In this one a cute little lady wants some pancakes but her plans keep getting foiled.  I love how she gets them in the end! So funny!

And, of course, a pancake classic...

If You Give a Pig a Pancake is always fun.  And I just saw on Amazon that it's available in Spanish too. Very cool.

Now then, pancakes at our house!  They are Lilac's favorite food and we have them as often as the kids can convince me to make them.  Seriously, it would be every night if Lilac had her way-- yes, we are big pancakes for dinner people.  We'll eat...

plain pancakes
pancakes with sprinkles
pancakes from a mix
chocolate chip pancakes
banana pancakes
batter blaster pancakes (in your grocer's refrigerated section)
apple cinnamon pancakes
johnny cakes (corn cakes)
German pancakes
just add water pancakes
oatmeal pancakes
pancakes from scratch
mini pancakes (stack and microwave) 
frozen toaster pancakes
blueberry pancakes   
crepes-- which are pretty much just French pancakes (oui?)
and of course SHAPED PANCAKES...

They really are SUPER easy (and guaranteed to be eaten by the masses-- especially if you take requests, like I do.)  I have just recently started using my little icing squirter which has improved our shapes tremendously! (I used to just use the spout on the measuring cup, not nearly as accurate.)  See, I was even able to say yes to the request for 'very hungry caterpillar' pancakes. Also, I'm sure you're kids will want ampersand-cakes, who doesn't?

But, I did want to try something else, since this is not an advertisement for Pampered Chef.  I read about a pancake pen once over on Helping Little Hands-- and also those cheap, refillable ketchup and mustard bottles (I think those would be great, by the way. You wouldn't have to fill them as many times as my little icing thing.)  BUT, I wanted to try something everyone would have handy.  So...

A good ole' plastic bag! It rocked!  I just filled it with batter and cut a tiny hole in one of the corners!  Hello shaped pancake extravaganza!  How easy is that?  Oh-- and this was one of our super fast, just add water batches of pancakes.  So, all it took to be a hero was: water, mix and a plastic bag-- even I can manage that! 

Also, before I go, I have to tell you about our favorite pancakes!  Did you know Nate the Great likes pancakes?  Lilac's first grade teacher found his recipe and gave a copy to the class.  Ever since these have been one of the most requested pancakes at our house (they're rather crepe-ish, FYI. Yum!)...

Happy reading and happy pancake eating!  What's your favorite kind?
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PS- Additional pancake tip: I have found that when you are doing add-in's like chocolate chips, blueberries, sprinkles, etc, it works best to add those to each individual pancake after the batter is poured. It helps things be distributed more evenly and then stuff doesn't get smashed or dissolve in the batter.

PPS- If you're making a lot of pancakes, but the eaters are running out of steam, make the last ones squares, that way they are much easier to reheat in the toaster the next day.

PPPS- Umm, forgot to tell you I've seen these pancakes molds too.  I'm not sure how well they work, but a cookie cutter might be just about as effective-- though, if you have a plastic bag, you're really set! In case you're tempted though...

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