Friday, April 6, 2012

Now a part of your nutritious breakfast...

Remember when there used to be a prize in the cereal box?  And that was like the best part of the of the cereal. And you'd dig to the bottom of the box just to get it out. (And then it would often be LAME-O)... Well, not today kids! NOT TODAY!!

Look what was in the box today-- and not even on the bottom, slapped right there on the front...

WAHOO!!! Seriously, the major excitement when I was on the cereal aisle today-- major wahoooing!  (And, I had two small children with me crawling all over the cart, smashing the bread, stepping on each other.  I was still wahooing!) I had heard about this mystical event from one of my sister-in-laws, but I'd never seen it myself--until today.  It was like Christmas! Sad, I know.  But, if you think I was over the moon about this, you should have seen the kids.  First, there was the books...

Then the cereal even caused excitement too (I think this was actually caused by the books as well, if you're wondering)...

She actually said she loved it, it was better than playing outside, and that it made her kid heart happy. So cute! (If you're wondering it was the apple cinnamon flavor, which we've had before, but the book really truly makes them taste better-- I swear!)

So, the details?  It's a yearly event with Simon and Schuster.  Real books by real authors, and many have both English and Spanish text.  See more info here, including all titles available.

The one problem we have?  The number of boxes I bought wasn't divisible by three (so each girl can't have the same number of new books! The agony!) I guess we're headed back for more, hopefully in boxes of chocolate cheerios because those are my favorite!

Happy reading and happy eating!
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