Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Eric Cool-- I mean Carle...

 So, one of my favorite parts about having a feature author each month is the chance to find cool stuff by that person that I've never come across before, and then, of course, show it to all of you. In that spirit, here's some Eric Carle that was new to me...

Eric Carle's Animals Animals is a wonderful anthology filled with silly and amusing poems about all sorts of animals.  While the poems come from a variety of writers, all the art comes from Eric Carle.

I am for sure, for sure, getting a copy of this book! It's got tons of fun stuff in it, like this...

I often wonder whether
The rhinoceros's leather
Is as bumpy on the inside
As it is upon the skinside.
-Mary Ann Hoberman

Now, if fantasy is more your thing, here's is the companion book to Animals, Animals...

Eric Carle's Dragons, Dragons (& other creatures that never were) is filled with mythical and fanciful creatures-- many of which I wouldn't know a thing about if I hadn't read Percy Jackson, but I suppose that's beside the point.  This book has silly poems as well as wonderings and curious thoughts about the mysterious beasts. And of course, Eric Carle...

The Manticore
A mythic beast, the manticore-
Dragon behind and man before,
With lion sandwiched in between 'em
No living soul has ever seen him,
Nor any combination of
The creatures in the list above.
Jeanne Steig

Happy reading! 
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PS- In a little addendum (which is probably unnecessary) some of the mythical creatures appear bare-chested, just an FYI.

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