Friday, April 27, 2012

Meet Melissa, fellow book fanatic & expert on ALL THINGS COOL!

Hey Guys, Robyn here.  I'm THRILLED to announce that today we have a guest blogger guest posting over here at our blog!!!  I must admit that before Whitney and I started this whole blogging endeavor I knew little to nothing about blogs or blogging.  (Whitalics here, I knew even less than Robyn, if that is possible.)  

In those first few months it was like I was trying to reinvent the wheel.  I knew that part of blogging was making connections... but I sure didn't know how. I found Melissa's site by doing a Google search for children's book blogs.  I knew it was cool the first day I started browsing... now, half a year later Whitney & I both consider Melissa to be a great friend (though we've never met in real life.)

I check her blog everyday (me too-- I am so happy smarty smart Robyn found her and told me about it), it's a fun place to be- and the truth is it makes me happy! (And seriously cracks me up, makes me smile, makes me drool over books, and food, and just general awesomeness in a 'Hello Kitty eating avocado on english muffins while reading Elsa Beskow' kind of way) So with no further ado...

Hi all! I'm so excited to be here doing a guest post for Robyn and Whitney today! And I'm Super Extremely Happy that I've made the acquaintance of these fun and clever ladies. They totally understand my need to ooh and aah and squeal about fun book finds.  Finding a tremendously awesome book is so exciting, my friends, there's nothing quite like it. . .

Over at my blog, Julia's Bookbag, I mostly focus on the books that my daughter Julia and I are reading at any given moment, but I also like to talk about All Things Fun and Cool for kids. (And also Hello Kitty, because she is so awesome.)

Fun & Cool Things would include GAMES! My family is big into playing all sorts of games, and when I heard that it was Eric Carle month over here, I knew I had to show you an Eric Carle game. And it's based on what is I believe is universally known as his Most Renowned Book -- 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

It's The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game!! Playing is really simple. Collect the foods that the caterpillar needs to become a butterfly. Toddlers will enjoy it and older school-age kids will also have a good time. What's unique about it, is of course, the loveliness of Eric Carle's art. 

Oh the art. In the entire spectrum of Children's Literature, I think Eric Carle's style is totally unique.

Also a bonus -- you won't mind playing this game with your kids! It's really actually pretty appealing to go around collecting the food tokens and put them into the little caterpillar baskets. I like games that have pictures of food. I also like books about food. I like food!  But back to the game:

You spin the spinny and move accordingly. If you spin a moon, you lose your turn. First one to fill a basket with fruits, picnic foods and a green leaf-- then makes it to the butterfly wins!

Looking for even more Eric Carle game awesome? Well happy day! There's a really fun game based on his book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See, as well as an ABC game. Oh and there's a Very Busy Spider game. And a Very Grouchy Ladybug game. LOTS OF GAMES! We own the Brown Bear game and I've seen the ABC one, and they're both gorgeous. All these games sets are more than worthy of Eric Carle's stunning literary and artistic creations.

I hope this helps to give a taste of the Eric Carle fun that can be had, even when it's not a book! Thanks so much for having me, Robyn and Whitney -- It was such a treat being able to come over and share your fun space with you!

Thank You Melissa! (Ditto!)  People, you've gotta do yourself a favor and pay a visit to Julia's Bookbag, and while you're there start following the site and liking on FB. (Yes, do what she said!)  You don't want to be missing out on all the fun that is Miss Melissa's blog!  Also check out her newest fun place out in internet land Pink Sparkle Fun (my sister Bonnie loves no blog, not even mine, more than PSF). (It's the best place on the internet to find anything pink!)

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