Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Snoopy's Loose Tooth

A few nights ago I was upstairs reading stories to my youngest two kids, Snoopy was down stairs with his daddy.  He had a creamie popsicle to eat before joining up for story time.  Suddenly we heard WAILING from downstairs, I could NOT figure out what was happening... I mean his dad was with him, why was he screaming like that???  I couldn't take it any longer, I had to know what was going on.  I ran downstairs.

Apparently when Snoop took a big bite out of his creamy it had become obvious that his bottom, center-right tooth was loose.  (It has a good wiggle now.)  But this was all very upsetting to him, he hasn't lost any teeth yet.
1st he doesn't want to EVER loose his teeth
2nd it hurt when he bit down on his creamie
3rd "whoever invented loosing your teeth anyway"
4th there's a kid in the other kindergarten class whose lost 'like 18' of his teeth and he can't even say stuff right anymore!
This is a problem.
The next morning Snoopy announced that he will no longer be eating hard foods.  It's just not going to happen, it hurts too much.  At that moment Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth , by Lucy Bate, jumped right into my mind.
Little Rabbit had a loose tooth, It was her first
loose tooth, and it wiggled a lot.  At suppertime
Little Rabbit said, "you know I cannot eat
carrots and beans, I have a loose tooth."

But Father Rabbit said.  "Carrots and beans are 
very good for little rabbits."

"They are too hard," said Little Rabbit, "for
little rabbits with a loose tooth."
Can you see why I thought of it?  In the story they actually convince little rabbit that she still can eat hard food, you know just chew with her other teeth.  (I've yet to convince Snoopy of that, even after reading this book... even after giving him some great advice sent via text from Whitney's oldest daughter who's been through tooth loss.)  Look what little rabbit was eating when her tooth finally fell out?  Soft chocolate ice cream.
 This happens to be one of those books I remember vividly from my childhood.  It's one my Grandma King had and she read to me often.  When I started seriously collecting kids books I knew this was one I wanted to find, but I couldn't remember the title.  So when I happened upon it thrifting for books one day I was VERY excited!  My favorite part of the story when I was a kid was the page below.  Little rabbit is unsure about giving her tooth to the tooth fairy and is contemplating other options.  As a kid I didn't like the idea of the tooth fairy taking my tooth either, and I LOVED the idea of drilling a hole in it any wearing it as a necklace.  Though I never actually tried.
Well, here's one last big snoopy baby tooth grin for you... it's never going to be like this again.  (as I wipe away a little tear, not really... but kind of- watching the benchmark moments of childhood happen to my kids gets me all sentimental)  
Before I close PLEASE TELL ME, what's the going rate for teeth nowadays???  I have no idea.

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