Thursday, April 26, 2012

Giving treasures away & finding treasures of my own

Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway!  Congratulations to Amanda Caldwell, our kite themed giveaway winner.  I'll be sending you Stuck by Oliver Jeffers along with a terrific kite!  Thanks so much for entering and I hope you love them!  I'll be in touch to get your address.

Last week I had the chance to go to the SLC friends of the Library book sale.  (It was SO much fun!!!)  Here's a partial stack of the books I got (these are the ones the kids weren't looking at... so I could stack them up for the photo).  I got all the books at a great price and though a few of them need a little TLC, for the most part they were in terrific condition.
 I'm going to highlight a few of my exciting finds!  I got a copy of the The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  It's in awesome condition on the inside (and we lost our copy I needed another).  Since we're featuring Eric Carle this month I figured I'd show this one.
Not so long ago Whitney and I shared some tips for finding great books at good prices.  One of the tips we mentioned & the biggest help for me when I'm looking through random used books and I want to find some great stuff that I'd actually like to own... is to keep my eyes peeled for reliable authors/illustrators.  Its hard to know whats 'good' and whats 'not' when sifting through stacks and stacks of books... but if you can identify authors & illustrators it helps a lot!

Here are a few of the books I'd never seen before but am OH SO happy to own now!

Give the Dog a Bone by Steven Kellogg.  I collect every Steven Kellogg book I ever happen upon (and there are MANY), I just love the way he draws!  I actually found several of his at this sale.
Another Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown (she's amazing) pictures by Chris Raschka (his book A Ball for Daisy won the Caldecott award this year).  I'd never seen this book before, but I really love it, it's adorable, a great story & has a mirror at the end- a gimmick every kid loves!
Watch me grow Kitten by DK publishing.  I LOVE all the books in this series, but did I know there was a kitten one?  nope.  Was I thrilled to get my hands on a copy, YES YES YES  (remember my butterfly post when I talked about the Butterfly version of this book?)
 Dr. Pompo's Nose by Freymann & Elffers.  This story is pretty silly, but I knew I'd love whatever they came up with because its just INCREDIBLE how these people give emotion to vegetables!!!
Jack Prelutsky's The Mean Old Mean Hyena illustrated by Arnold Lobel.  Well I love Prelutsky's stuff (so funny) and everything Arnold Lobel is absolutely fantastic.  Just as I'd hoped, this book is SO great and SO funny!  Though my mama DID NOT like the ending.
Where Have You Been? by Margaret Wise Brown.  This was my favorite find!  (and was not available on Amazon unless you want to spend over $1000.00, yikes!!!)  Another book I'd never heard of that I never knew I always wanted.  It's got the old fashioned beautiful poetic wording that you can expect from MWB and the illustrations by Barbara Cooney are beyond fabulous.  One day I need to do a post just about this book- I love it so so so much!

Have you found any treasures out thrifting lately?  Ever found any cool books at a library book sale?
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