Monday, April 30, 2012

Eric Carle and his cool friends!!

Hi all, before I begin, I have to give one last little shout out to our giveaway winner, AMANDA CALDWELL.  We haven't heard back from her.  Amanda, are you there?  We have a cool book and a sweet kite for you!  We'd love to send it to you!  But, we don't know where to send it. So, the best thing we can figure is to give this last notice and then draw another name.  Please get in touch with us by 8:00am (MDT) Tuesday, May 1st. If you don't, we're gonna go ahead and pick another winner, so please do because we feel bad if you really wanted it and you don't end up getting it.

Now then, onto the book.  This book is very super cool!  I kind of love it and hope that someone will buy it for me, like for Mother's Day-- is it weird for a grown woman to ask for, essentially, a children's book for Mother's Day?  It's really cool!  Did I say that? I've been pouring over it!  Good stuff!   

Artist to Artist is a book of letters written to children from 23 fantastic illustrators! It's filled with insights, photographs, and art from really real illustrators! Lots of them!!  They drew their own self portraits!!! (I know it's hard to believe but I am actually holding back on the exclamation marks here (I am!! She wrote inside the double parentheses, oh grammar teachers love me)-- I just think that is pretty cool stuff!) Look...

I'm sorry, but that one is Chris Van Allsburg-- he's one of the Beatles of illustrators (at least for me).  He drew that picture of himself!! Crazy right!  You know what else?  In his letter, he talks about how he took art in college and he wasn't as good at drawing as the other students in his class were-- INSANE RIGHT!!! Did the other students in his class illustrate The Polar Express or Jumanji? I don't think so! 

Anyway, it has tons of cool illustrators, like...

Can you tell who those guys are?  Just in case, I'll tell you: Eric Carle, Tomie DePaola, Steven Kellog, and (Robyn's favorite pop up guys) Rober Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart.  They all wrote letters, and have childhood photographs, and photographs of their studios-- just general awesomeness, basically-- and there are a bunch of other artists in the book too!  Oh! Also, all the profits from this book benefit the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art! 

People, it really just thrills me! But, as a smart friend said recently, I have a tendency to get a little over excited about things like this.  You know, my excitement about finding a cool book is probably equivalent to some people's excitement when their team makes it to the Super Bowl-- seriously, it is. I'm weird, I know.  It really is a cool book though! Look this is Eric Carle in his actual studio...

Do you love that it looks 'worked in' and messy? I do!  I'll tell you this, it is a serious contrast to many of the other studio photographs in the book-- you'll have to find a copy so you can see what I mean. 

My only complaint, it's missing a few people.  Some of my favorites are not in there, like: David Wiesner, Jan Brett, Lois Ehlert, Mo Willems, obviously that list could go on for miles. But, I have a perfect idea, they can just make another one!  With more people I love!  Please! Please let them make another one! 
Okay, enough insanity from me today.  Happy reading everyone!
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PS- I thought of a few more: Mercer Mayer, Garth Willams, Clement Moore should probably be in there, Don and Audrey Wood, David Shannon, oh so many more!!  Who do you want on the list?

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