Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dyeing Easter Eggs

EGG-xperimentaion at our house!  Here's what we used:
There's no secret to our dyeing methods- we used a couple tablespoons of vinegar, some food coloring and boiling water.
#1 technique
Rubber bands- this is our 'go too' for making fancy eggs. 
 # 2 technique
Draw on the eggs with sharpies before dyeing.
 # 3 technique
Trusty old wax resist using a white crayon.
 # 4 technique
Wrapping eggs snugly in elastic lace (we cut up lace tights) before dyeing.
 #5 technique
Adding oil to dye before dipping the eggs (we saved this for last because after you add the oil, there's no going back).
We had fun!  It was very 'scientific' waiting to see what would happen with each new technique.  Which do you like best?  (Snoopy liked drawing with the sharpie markers & Bibs liked the oil + dye the best.  Me, I liked the lace.) 

Today I've got two books that go along with this activity quite perfectly.

Jan Brett's The Easter Egg
As always with anything by Jan Brett it is exquisitely illustrated.  The story is absolutely wonderful too.  It's about a little bunny who would love to win the honor of accompanying the Easter Bunny to deliver eggs on Easter morning.  The way you win is through presenting an egg above all others to the Easter Bunny, and sweet little Hoppi has some stiff competition.  (ok, now look at how the pussy willows morph into tiny bunnies in her boarders... I swear I could stare at her illustrations for hours)  ...oh, and if you're looking for a book to add to a special someone's Easter basket, this one is readily available, I bought  my copy at the local grocery store.

This book is dedicated to eggs and all who lay them.  Rhythmic non fiction!  I LOVE this book, and my kids do too.  It's just plain cool.  Full of information and super fun.  (Ruth Heller has a whole series of books similar to this one, I've loved every single one I've read.)

Easter is practically upon us!  Are you ready?  Is it a tradition at your house to dye Easter Eggs each year?  Do you have a certain way you like to color/decorate you're eggs?

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