Monday, April 9, 2012

Compare & Contrast two editions of Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Anyone who frequents thrift shops will tell you there are many days when you find nothing of value to take home, most often are the times when you find some okay stuff, and then there are the days when you find such a treasure that you're suddenly floating on cloud nine.  Days like that keep thrifters going back for more.  I had a cloud nine day when I found this 1983 printing of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?.  The first edition of this book was published in 1967- so it's not like I stumbled upon a first edition (the original printings have a slightly different text format)... but still the copy I found is the first general book edition and is in GREAT condition.  Guess what?, all of the illustrations are different from the current printings available today (the newly illustrated editions began getting published in 1992).  I was thrilled to bring it home (for $1.00) to join my collection, and I couldn't wait to compare old vs new.  

Robyn, Robyn, What Did You See?
 1983 edition on left, current edition on right.
 1983 top, current bottom- all photos follow the same pattern.

"Mother, Mother, What do you see?  I see beautiful children looking at me"  compared to "Teacher, Teacher, What do you see?  I see children looking at me."  I'm SO SO SO happy to have the mother version for my own!  (interesting side note here, apparently the 1984 British edition substitutes a monkey for the teacher- I want to get a copy of that one!  Also interesting is the fact the Bill Martin Jr. has changed the wording and the way the words appear on the pages since it was originally published.  It really makes me want to start collecting all the different printings of this book.)  In my opinion this book is a MUST for all children.  Babies love the brightly illustrated animals on bright white paper.  It's perfect for toddlers who are just identifying animals, animal sounds and colors.  Pre-schoolers benefit from the predictable and repetitive text as well as before mentioned color and animal identification.  Then there are early readers who are able to easily memorize the words and turn to this book for confidence.

Anyway- this was all really cool and fun for me, hope you enjoyed it too!  Do you prefer one over the other?  Are there any cool early edition books you'd like to get your hands on?  Any you have?

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