Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cloudy with a chance of FUN!

I've been waiting all month to do this project! It's a simple new twist on a classic activity and it's super easy to pull off!  I love new projects, they make me happy (and my kids happy too)!! Now then, let's talk clouds...


And they fascinate kids too-- as all things in the sky do! There are many wonderful and cool cloud books for kids, including this and this and even one by Eric Carle...

Aptly named, (as Eric Carle's book always are) it's about a little cloud that floats away and daydreams and changes shapes. It's very much on a child's level and is a simple fun book to read. Cuteness enjoyed shouting out all the things little cloud became.

So, will it shock you that the activity we did was painting clouds?  I know know, that's not a new idea!  Well, get a load of what we used as brushes...

The once ordinary (but still fun) task of using white paint on blue paper was spiced up a bit with these alternative brushes.  It's always great to give kids new tools, or new ways to use old tools-- that's how creativity blossoms and imaginations grow.  As you see, we used some recyclables-- hello simple! Do you have an empty toilet paper roll at your house (if you have kids, I guarantee you do.)

Then is was outside to paint clouds...

Ironically there were basically no clouds in the sky when we did this, but that didn't matter, there was paint, paper, 'brushes' & amazing weather-- what more could you ask for really?  Oh, how about ants-- there was some serious ant studying going on up the driveway. Oh-- and rocks too-- maybe next time we'll use rocks as brushes.

Dip, dab, splot, stamp, print, paint, run around, repeat! 

Clouds! Happy reading!

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