Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bunny Up!

Right now, I am so wishing that the Easter Bunny would choose to hide books for me instead of eggs.  I'd love lots and lots of books and I would run out and find them at the crack of dawn, even if it was snowing!  Maybe he'd bring these if I'm lucky...

(Now is the part where you click that link and see it is not readily available on Amazon but you can get it somewhere for a penny and another place for $165.  See why I just want the bunny to bring it, that'd be much easier for me.)

Its a lovely, old book about a family of bunnies that paint Easter eggs (and more) for a living. My library had it, maybe yours will too.  If they do, reserve it early next year-- that is a must anytime you want to check out holiday books because they go quick!

The Story of the Easter Bunny by Katherine Tegen
(Hooray for this one actually being available.)

This is a cuter than cute book explaining how the Easter Bunny got his start by helping an 'old round couple' (isn't that the best description) fill and deliver Easter baskets.  It really is very sweet!

What book are you hoping the bunny will bring to you?  Wait, is the Easter Bunny like Santa, does he make stuff if you request it? I guess we'll find out!  Happy reading!
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