Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wishy Washy! Wishy Washy!

So, I have so much to say today, I don't even know where to start. Hmmm...(be prepared for a little extra dash of the Whitney randomness in this post.)

Have you read this book?

No, this is not some secret, wondrous literary work.  But--BUT Mrs. Wishy Washy is like one of the books in the emergent reading bible in my opinion.  I have been looking for a copy since I was in college and my mother-in-law recently told me that it is out of print! What?  So weird, I mean think about some of the stuff that is in print. 

There are other books starring Mrs. Wishy Washy, but the original is no longer out there apparently-- except maybe at your library! Ha! It was at ours. We were even able to check out the big book version. Fun stuff!

So, it's a super simple, repetitive story line with a little mischief thrown in, which kids love.  Literally, the entire text of the book is probably like a paragraph, total. So, it's perfect for kids to read over and over, memorize & ACT OUT!!!

Remember a while back Robyn did a post on The Mitten where she talked about turning stories into plays.  Well, I suppose you can call this the second installment.  My thoughts in addition to Robyn's wisdom:

She already mentioned the simple and predictable storyline, with a repetitive line of events. I would also say, well-defined characters make a huge difference.  What I mean is, the kids shouldn't have to try to interpret how the character is feeling or what they're thinking (we're not inside the actor's studio for goodness sake).  The emotion of each character should be VERY blatant in the book.

And, like Robyn mentioned, you don't need much to make it fun. Here's an idea of the props we used.

I cut the farm animal face shapes out of the super cheap, flimsy paper plates.  Then the kids colored them and we used strips of construction paper to keep the masks on.  I'm sure it goes without saying, but these things were not built to last.  You know what, after we had acted it out once or twice, everyone knew what to do with our without their mask (with the exception of the little pig in the middle there-- she preferred to stay in the tub the whole play. Very un-piglike, I know.)

Our mud was some towels and our tub was a laundry basket.  The best costume was for Mrs. Wishy Washy (we had a friend over when we did the play, so at one point we had a Mr. Wishy Washy.)  Whoever was playing this role wore: a big apron, funny slippers, and a dish towel tied on their head (which was super cute and funny on all of them.)

Let me tell you, this was more fun and exciting than I realized it would be.  Who knew a dish towel and a laundry basket could produce so much fun?  Also, if anyone discovers a spare copy of Mrs. Wishy Washy, you have got to tell me where to find it because Cuteness actually cried when we returned this to the library. 

Wishy washy! Wishy Washy! Happy reading!
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