Friday, March 23, 2012

We're going to the dogs!

Well, it's high time the canines get some press around here! Yes, all the cat love is fantastic, but there are so many wonderful books starring the slobbery species too!  I've actually already posted some of my favorites like The Stray Dog, Pocket Dogs and Dog Food. But there are so many others  So...
 Come. Sit. Stay.  Let me share them with you.

Clifford The Big Red Dog- This series is by Norman Birdwell. Normally I try to avoid repeats, but I'm pretty sure the post where I mentioned Clifford was the first post I ever wrote so I think it's alright to mention him again.  He's big and kind and clumsy and all kids love him!  He's required reading when it comes to picture books about dogs!

Buster by Denise Fleming is a book about dog who is living the high life until Betty, the number 1 feline annoyance enters his world.  Buster just cannot get rid of Betty, so he decides to get away for awhile, but when he can't find his way back, it turns out Betty is more convenient to have around than he realized.

The Carl Books by Alexandra Day are another classic dog series.  In these nearly wordless picture books, Carl the rottweiler cares for his owner's baby. Together Carl and the baby have sweet and silly adventures.  These are books are just darling.  

Skinny Brown Dog by Kimberly Willis Holt is very sweet book about a bear who befriends a stray dog.  He won't let the dog into his home or his bakery, but without realizing it, he lets the dog into his heart. It's a really cute story (and one of several books my kids filched away from me when I was trying to get a picture of it.)

The Houndsley and Catina Series These books by James Howe are very, very early chapter books--essentially picture books broken into chapters--about a friendship between a dog (Houndsley) and a cat (Catina).  They're reminiscent of Frog and Toad and just a joy to read.  I found them at the library, but have since decided I'm going to get them all!  

Little Pink Pup This is the true story of a tiny piglet that was raised by a dachshund! It reads almost like a scrapbook with pictures and captions.  This one really makes me smile, maybe because I have a dachshund or maybe because it is just so stinking cute that this little piglet thinks he's one of the pups.  It's fantastic when real life events turn out so nice! 

William Wegman, iconic dog photographer, has written a variety of children's books starring his beloved weimeraners.  I really don't think a dog book list would be complete without including these dogs.  He has fairy tales, alphabet books, counting books, original stories and the list goes on.  His photographs are one of a kind and his text is quirky.  To my surprise, these books are not readily available on Amazon, but my library had a whole slew of them, maybe yours will too.

RRRalph by Lois Ehlert is a fun book about a 'talking' dog.  It's filled with silly statements and of course wonderful Lois Ehlert illustrations.  My kids (and Robyn's-- she told us about this book) enjoyed laughing over all the things Ralph had to say. We read it 2 or 3 times, in a row, just today. (Also pictured is Zoe the dachshund who was completely annoyed that my picture taking was disrupting her napping.  Her complete disdain is the reason you don't see her in any other photos.  She just wouldn't have it.)

The Spot board books by Eric Hill are great for tiny dog lovers.  Where's Spot, shown here has flaps to lift and Spot's Favorite Colors (which was hijacked by one of the kids) is a bitty little chunky board book that is the perfect size for toddler hands to look through.  My babies have always loved the these bright simple books.

If You Give a Dog a Donut is the newest book the this series.  Its got the traditional pattern of the 'If you give a...' books and all the silliness and animal antics as well. These are always favorites in our house. (If you Give a Pig a Party is my favorite, if you're wondering).

There you have 10 books devoted to dogs! Cat lovers, I hope I didn't scare you away.  Are there any dog loving readers out there?  I'd love to fetch a comment or two from the canine enthusiasts, just so I know I'm not alone.  Plus, if you know of any more dog books we should read, please share.  

Happy reading!
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