Thursday, March 8, 2012

Signs of Spring

It isn't Spring yet... we've still got nearly 2 weeks before it's officially here.  For me, as soon as March 1st arrives I'm more than ready to welcome Spring.  I mentioned earlier (here) about how we actually haven't had much of a winter this year.  Well guess what March 1st brought?  A heap load of snow.

Lucky for us warm temperatures followed, and by Monday the snow was melting.

Since it was such a beautiful sunshiny day, with those fabulous blue skies- we decided to take a walk and see if we could find any signs of spring.

#1: Green grass popping through some of last years leaves that somehow never got raked up. 

#2: Tulips & Daffodils beginning to sprout through the ground behind grandma's house (only on the south side, but we'll take what we can get). 

#3: The Box-elder Bugs are emerging... that warm sun is doing the trick. 

#4: Snow & ice melting off the pheasant pens. 

#5: Puddles!!!

#6: More Puddles!!! 

#7: Miss Kitten spotting her shadow, the sun was so bright & warm Snoopy got too hot and took off his coat and boots before we got back in the house (and his socks were black with mud). 

Before we went on our little excursion we read one of my favorite classic golden books.  Home for a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Garth Williams.  This book was first published back in 1956 and it's still being reprinted today.

Of course it made the kids want to see bunnies, frogs and baby robins... which we didn't.  They also were on the lookout for leaves budding out on trees... which isn't happening yet here.  But we were happy with what we did see.  The seasons are changing, life continues.  Thank Goodness.

And before long the Robins will burst out of their eggs.
What signs of spring have you noticed lately?
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