Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Rainbow Goblins

So, in case you haven't noticed, we've been slightly low on the St. Patty's Day posts here at PP&PB. Oddly, neither of us had much in the way of books for this day and so we sort of decided to pass over it with out much fanfare until I sudden realized...


Those are totally related to St. Patrick's Day (and by totally related I mean they have nothing to do with St. Patrick, but they've become synonymous with that holiday-- kind of like pinching, or dying a river green.)  So, I totally have a Rainbow book to share! BAM! St. Patty's Day hits PP&PB...

I have always thought of this book as a childhood favorite.  The memory of it has been sitting there flashing in the back of my mind like someone who forgot to turn off their blinker as they drive down the road... rainbow goblins.  rainbow goblins.  rainbow goblins.  Weird right?  Well, I finally checked it out from my library (I guess it was out of print for a while, but it's back in print, however that works) and when I re-read it the magic came back. (Below is Lilac's favorite picture from the book, she's hooked now too.)

Oh! Its fantastic! The Rainbow Goblins are depraved little creatures who lasso rainbows only to greedily to guzzle down brilliant hues and drain the sky of color.  The illustrations are very much in the realm of fantasy with steep craggy rock formations and lush flowing valleys.  And the goblins are creepy (but perfectly drawn, in my opinion.)  Plus, the triumph of good over evil in this book-- it's perfect! Perfect.

Before you think I'm completely nuts, I totally had a moment with another mom (who was a complete stranger) when I was at the library checking out this book.  I think she had her rainbow goblins blinker on all these years too because she, out of the blue, brought up the fact that she overheard me talking about The Rainbow Goblins. She actually put her hands over her heart when she told me she had loved it as a child too. (If you're wondering, totally out of character for myself, I acted cool and said, "Me too.  I was so glad they had it."  But inside, I wanted to run over and hug her and read the book together on the dragon rug.) 

So, for such a wonderful rainbow book, I have a couple rainbow ideas to share with you.  Honestly, I never really know what kind of activities you guys are up for, so... 

Idea #1: Cute & Tasty Rainbow

Above you see my adorable niece showing off her fruit loop rainbow! How cute is that?  Thanks to my sister-in-law, for snapping this photo and letting me put it up here.  Fruit loop rainbows would be a very fun, easy activity to do with this book-- and it'd be a snack too!  She is just cute, cute, cute!

Idea #2: I've got the whole rainbow in my hand.

I don't know if you all know this about me, but I CANNOT resist a hand print project! When I thought of hand print rainbows, I knew we had to try it immediately! (Just FYI, this post has a lot of photos because today is my dad's birthday and his main reason for reading the blog is to see if he'll catch a glimpse of any cute little 'hand models'.  Happy birthday, we hand modeled this one up for you Dad!)

Oh, how the 'hand models' and I loved this project!  They could have done it all day.  As you can see we had 2 methods of applying the paint (1) make a little hand shaped pallet and dip your hand in, results seen above (2) paint it on each finger, results seen below.

Okay, I hope that gets you in a Rainbow Day-- I mean St. Patrick's Day mood! Happy reading and happy rainbows!  Here's one more hand print rainbow to send you on your way (with hand print grass.  I love it!)

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PS- This puppy is linked up over at A Mommy's Adventures story + Art.  Lots of fun book activities found in that spot!

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