Friday, March 30, 2012

Inspiration from Friends

Happy Friday everyone!  I (Robyn) and going to wrap up our month of shelving and book storage ideas today, we've combined some of the stuff we came up with along with great things we've found from blog friends.  I love the way blogging brings together ideas and is such a catalyst for inspiration!

First of all we'll start with the BRAND new shelves Noah just whipped up last weekend for Whitney & the girls:
(Whit here-like all month I've been showing him shelves! I finally wore him down!! Mmm-waa-haa-haaa-haaa! (That was an evil laugh). These things were a snap to build though, thank goodness for handy husbands!)  
You see, Whit had been eyeing these similar shelves over at Helping Little Hands for some time now. Here you see the photo of Polly's beautiful shelves...
Click the link to see how to construct Polly's Shelves for your own house, they really are simple and fantastic!

Next I've been wanting to share my favorite book bins with you:
A few years back I was looking for something to hold books next to our favorite reading spots... but I didn't know exactly what I wanted.  Until- my Mom & Dad picked up these amazing antique wooden grain buckets for me at one of the annual antique festivals they attend.  I love them so much!  (I googled them and found some available on ebay if you're interested.)  I use one basket to store all our current library books and the other I simply rotate books from our home library.

Third we have this delightful book sling from Silly Eagle Books:
I must begin by saying Vanessa has LOTS of great posts about book storage and book organization, it was hard for me to choose a picture from her site to feature, but Vanessa's nursery reading nook is just SO lovely, I went with it.  I'm really wanting a book sling or two now.
(Hi, Wh-italics here again- Vanessa's bookshelves pin board has lots of good stuff too.)

Here we have my VERY rustic new shelves:
The pallet shelves, I just love them.  If you missed out on these you can click the link to see the whole post.  I know these would not be right for everyone, but they are definitely right for me!  And I think they're a funny comparison to all the beautiful and lovely shelving featured. (Sorry Robyn, but I think these are actually the shelves that pushed Noah over the edge into building my shelves-- he was like, 'if I don't do something, she might make these herself'-- which I totally would have becaue I think they're awesome, but now I don't have to.)

Next we have Amanda's playroom from The Educator's Spin on It
Amanda's front facing shelves are classic!  You can find all kinds of great information about organization and storage of books & toys over at the site she and her friend Kim collaborate on.

Of course we have the hanging bookshelves found in One-Yard Wonders:
I may have made the Hanging bookshelf, but I can't take credit for it.  The pattern was so easy, it was really a breeze to make!  I made two for our house, and we have loved using them.  There's nothing like kids books for home decor I always say :)

Remember Whitney's ingenious way to keep board books inside the crib?
I really love Whitney's resourceful crib shelf!  It just makes so much sense, just think next time you toddler wakes up from his/her nap instead of screaming time it can be book browsing time.  (and when they decide to throw the 'book shelf' over the rails... no harm done)
(And if you like this, wait 'til you see our library book bin, wink wink.)

This is the reading corner created by Melissa for Julia, isn't is absolutely fantastic?  I was so excited when I saw this feature because first of all, I just think Melissa is terrific and second because she's created such a divine reading space for her lucky daughter. (And now she's famous, and I'm totally jealous of Julia, I want a reading nook like this too!)

So there you have it!  There's so much internet inspiration out there... and its just wonderful to share it with your friends!  I'll leave you with the most simple way I store books... board books ala wicker basket right next to the couch.  And here's why I pile them in there:
...for moments like this (that are few and far between) when miss kitten or one of her brothers whiles away twenty or so minutes browsing books.

(And I'll leave you with the most simple way I store books, because the only baskets I have are for laundry and they are ALL full ALL the time.. Ahhh, Huggies, every pack helps diaper a baby in need AND every box helps house a book in need.  When will they start paying me for this stuff?)
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