Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here Comes Kitten

If you read Whitney's post from Tuesday you know her sweet little Cuteness turned two and my sweet little Kitten turned two shortly after.  If you ask Kitten what she got for her birthday she responds "Balloons" and I promise you, the balloons were her favorite part.
We didn't really embrace a 'theme' for kitten's birthday- unless you count bright colors as a theme... never mind, I'd say bright colors was the theme.  To embrace the brightness we turned to GARLANDS!
All the garlands I've ever made were inspired by my amazing friend Megan.  You've got to stop by her site, seriously.  She has the best ideas ever.  Here's her post with tutorials on making garlands.

Check out this cake!  
Stop by The Idea Room to get the info on how to create this absolutely beautiful and delicious cake (the frosting was cream cheese -since that's my favorite- but for the outside layer I added a container of cool whip to the frosting, have you ever done that?  It was divine.)

I'll tell you right now, the VERY BEST part of Kitten's party was when we sliced the cake.  Everyone was SO SURPRISED to see the rainbow!  The reaction was well worth the time spent baking and frosting in the kitchen.  And Kitten LOVED it.  She sat at her plate enjoying her slice of cake for the longest time!  Made me super super happy.

A fun fact about Kitten: she LOVES LOVES LOVES the Muppets.  And we LOVE that she loves them, because we love them too.  Have you seen all the great Muppet parody's on you tube?
Those are just three of Kitten's favorites (our favorites).

So when the movie came out last fall... we were STOKED!  And guess what?  It lived up to our greatest expectations- we saw it twice in the theaters and Kitten (then younger than she is now) sat through it and laughed her pants off- both times.  Guess what?  The movie was released the day before Kittens Birthday!!! So this is what Trapper & I got for her:
  The Muppets Gift Set (Includes The Muppets Blu-Ray Combo Pack and 4 Muppet Finger Puppets)  But don't worry I didn't pay the price they are asking for on Amazon.  I got mine from wal-mart for much less.

Here are the puppets in action!

Look at this party!  Doesn't it look incredibly festive and wonderful?  It was.

I know, I know- this is supposed to be a book blog.  So I would like to introduce my VERY FAVORITE birthday book...
Birthday Zoo by Deborah Lee Rose illustrated by Lynn Munsinger.  The story of a little boy who celebrates his birthday in style with all the animals you could possibly think of.  The rhyming text is fantastic, the illustrations are endearing, all the animals are hilarious, and the little boy is just so cute!

"the candles look loose, worried the moose."

And this last illustration- just says it all.  The thing I LOVE BEST about kids, right there.  Imagination.

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