Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here comes Cuteness...

Is that a weird title? It has a little something to do with this...

Today you're going to meet my youngest, who we call Cuteness (Her High Cuteness when we're being formal).  Cuteness and Robyn's daugther Kitten both just had birthdays and they both turned...


Fun, right?  Sadly we don't live close enough to each other that we could have had a joint party.  That would have been awesome!  But, here's a peek at some of the 2 year old fun at our house...

Cuteness is OBSESSED with Nutella, hence my nutella pinboard, where you will find this cake. Really, the cake is just a vehicle for getting to the whipped cream, Nutella, and strawberries!

Cuteness is also DOUBLE OBSESSED with Dora! She would not let go of the Dora balloon, even to eat!  And, no one at the party better try to touch it or the 2 year old wrath would be felt!

Oh, and remember how this is a book blog?  Here are some book picks from Cuteness, herself. (Yep, I let her pick out her own birthday presents.  Then when they magically reappeared wrapped and surrounded by cake and singing, she was all the more thrilled!)

Open House for Butterfliesis by Ruth Krauss (illustrated by Maurice Sendak).  Cuteness would not leave the store without this book!  And as you can see, boy can she pick them!  This book is so fun and silly and perfectly childlike.  It just makes me laugh! 

Honestly, I think she mostly loved the size of it.  It's a hardcover book-- it even had a book jacket, but its small like 6 x 7 maybe.  I think it makes her feel like a big girl with her own cool hardcover book.  She is very protective of it, which is so cute (unless you're trying to borrow it really quick to take some pictures for your blog or something, then her protectiveness is kind of inconvenient.)

So Many Bunnies (this is the board book version) by Rick Walton is ADORABLE! I cannot believe I haven't seen it before now!  It too is one of the books Cuteness picked for herself.  Oh, so cute! 

It's an alphabet book, a counting book & a rhyming book.  I know that sounds like it would be too much, but it's totally not! Really, the rhymes are sweet and simple and the counting and alphabet part fit right in!  Need a bunny book for any upcoming holidays?  Hint hint. I love this one!  Oh- I didn't even mention the illustrations yet, they're charming too!

So, I'm sure you're wondering what Cuteness uses to hold all these great books.  Let's stop and think.  What could she use to hold the books? A new backpack?  That's right! Say backpack! Say backpack!

Sorry, I just had to do that.  Oh, if only she had a monkey sidekick and an all knowing map! Maybe next year. 
Happy reading!
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