Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!

Do you like green eggs and ham?
disclaimer: Trapper was quick to point out that though bacon and sausage are from the same family as ham, they don't really qualify because they are a different cut from the pig...  thanks for that.

Guess what?  Snoopy, Bibs & Kitten like green eggs and ham! 
As you can see we started our Seuss Celebration yesterday!  For today is the GREAT man's birthday!  Isn't it wonderful that Dr. Seuss has such a outstanding legacy?  I just LOVE that children and adults everywhere are celebrating his life today!  I say YAHOO!  YIPPIE!  YOP!
For our celebrations we made banners (I'll tell more about them closer to miss kitten's birthday) blew up balloons and got out all our Seuss books, of course!
His books are the BEST.  Am I right?  I know I am.
Then we took all those books and put them on the shelf in the boys room.  On display, and for bed time reading during the lovely month of March!
I'm going over board on the pictures today.
Do you think wherever Dr. Seuss is now he's looking down at all the fuss about him on this day and smiling?  
I'd like to think so.  Okay two more things:

1- I'm super excited because I've been asked to be one of the presenters in the 3rd annual Girls Day Out at The Peak in Brigham City Utah on Saturday March 10th (I'll be representing Pen Pals & Picture Books... Whit lives too far away to participate on location, but she's contributed to my presentation BIG TIME).  There are 13 people presenting... all different topics.  Click here to learn more.  You should come!  It's going to be a GREAT day!

2- You may have noticed the bookmarks on display though out all my Seuss book pictures above.  Whit and I came up with a list of 75 books we LOVE (goes along with the presentation).  It seems people are always asking me for the title of a great kids book.  Well folks, here's our list.  Now, you know from our blog name- Pen Pals & Picture Books, how we both have a thing for getting something fun from a friend in the good old fashioned mail.  Do you like that too?  If you do, then we'd love to send you a bookmark & a little personalized note from us.  Just email your name & mailing address to penpalsandpicturebooks(at)gmail(dot)com [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with  . ] 
When we get your address we'll happily send you a bit of book love across the country!

Have a wonderful day... and read a Dr. Seuss book or ten.

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