Monday, March 12, 2012

Hanging Bookshelf... (giveaway closed)

(giveaway closed) 
So I'm kinda nervous about today's post and giveaway announcement.  
Here's why...

Below you see Bibs, lounging in his new little reading corner.  Last week I made this nifty hanging bookshelf, and he's claimed the spot as his own.  In fact he's so proud of it that he was recently showing it off to a few extended family members.  But, those who saw it seemed less than impressed.  Not that Bibs even noticed, he was still super proud of me for making it and of the actual shelf... I mean come on it's a bookshelf made of fish fabric!!! What's there not to like???  Actually the truth is, I get it.  Not everyone is super loco for kids books like I am.  There are many people out there who don't understand why you would put picture books on display like that, I mean it's not really storage efficient now is it?  But to me (and Bibs) using books as home decor is very cool.  (I think I should add that later when my Mom came over she made a big deal about how much she liked it... and my Mom never makes a big deal about stuff, so I felt a bit better after that.) 

Wanna know my inspiration for making the shelf?  Last month I was THRILLED to win Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders from Amy over at Maker Mama (she's got a fantastic site btw, you should definitely check it out).  Anyway I was the lucky winner of this giveaway, and take it first hand from me- its a really cool book with  many fantastic and creative ideas.  

When I saw this cute hanging bookshelf, I just knew I had to make one of my own.  (I'm always on the lookout for new ways to store and display picture books).  I told Whitney about it and she suggested I feature the finished product on this very blog and then offer one as a giveaway.  Sounded like a great idea to me!

Which brings us back to Bibs reading in his story nook. Suddenly I found myself in a bit of a conundrum, I was no longer sure which way to go, In my mind I'm thinking, "Will anyone enter to win one?"

Here's the bottom line: I REALLY REALLY do love them.  Think about what a great addition they would make to a baby nursery, or to your preschoolers reading nook, or if you're anything like me you'd put one right smack dab in the middle of your front room.  OK, so I didn't put the fish one there- but I liked how it turned out so much (and I think they are such a cool way to display picture books) that I decided to make one for my front room as well.  This one's blue since that's my favorite color.

There it is, the hanging bookshelf story.  You might like them, you might not.  If these aren't for you, that's okay. 

Here are some options I found at JoAnn's last week.  (The material needs to be home decor weight.)  If none of the fabric prints in the picture below appeal to you, pretty much any basic color is available in a solid.

I'll announce the winner on Thursday March 15, so if you'd like to enter do it before 8am that morning.

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