Thursday, March 22, 2012

Growing Cat Grass & 9 Great Cat Stories

  I love cats. My Dad knows this, he got me a small package of Cat Grass Seeds, (similar to the one found in that link).  We grew it, recorded it's growth and gave it to Pip Squeak & Little Wonder- they LOVED it and are still enjoying their grass to this very day.  Check out the pics, you'll get the idea.
It was a great project for us.  First of all it involved our cats, secondly cat grass grows SUPER fast so there wasn't much waiting around (they started sprouting 3 days after we planted then 5 day from sprout to tall... wow right?) thirdly we kept 'scientific' journals recording the growth, fourthly it got Snoopy writing which he normally fights me about CONSTANTLY.  See, that's him writing in his journal below...

Now presenting Pip Squeak & Little Wonder!!!! They would like to show you a few (9) of our favorite books starring.... CATS and KITTENS!!!
The Great Cat Chase by Mercer Mayer... (I love Mercer Mayer so much) super simple story, it's great.
Six-Dinner Sid by Inga Moore... the quintessential tom cat story.
Katie the Kitten by Kathryn and Byron Jackson... possibly the reason I love cats so much and possibly the first book I truly LOVED.
Hairy Maclary Scattercat by Lynley Dodd... actually starring a dog, but there are many cats involved with super awesome cat names.
Ginger by Charlotte Voake... such a hilarious and true story about learning to get along and friendship, I just love this story.
The Shy Little Kitten by Cathleen Schurr pictures by Gustaf Tenggren... first published in 1946, this is the 1974 re-illustrated version, I love the bright 70's art work paired with such a sweet kitten story.
Cross-Country Cat by Mary Calhoun... she does such a great job capturing all that is a Siamese cat.
One Kitten for Kim by Adelaide Hall... found this one while thrifting, it's so funny about a little boy who can't keep all the kittens in the litter so he takes his wagon load of kittens to give away, but things aren't ever that simple.
Katie Loves the Kittens by John Himmelman... another story actually starring a dog, but this book is SO fantastic and the expressions on the kittens throughout the story are PRICELESS.

There you have it.  Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady, really I'm not... but if I didn't have Trapper and my kids, cats would probably be over-running my life.  And even though I do LOVE cats, I'm thankful they aren't.  

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ps the cats really do love that cat grass, but the stuff doesn't last forever (you know with the cats eating it and all) so I'm thinking I'll buy one of these large bags and we'll replant every so often and keep this activity going for a while.

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