Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting ready for Easter with The Country Bunny...

You know how the stores get Easter stuff up the on February 15th?  Well, I have been thinking about posting this book almost that long.  But now, the bunny is officially coming so I don't think it's any too soon. 

Oh how I loved this book as a child (and I still do--maybe even more now because of nostalgia and all)!  The illustrations are enchanting and the story is so sweet.

I love this little mother bunny; her wonderful helping children, her outwitting of the swift-footed, pompous hares, & her tender perseverance. It's a superb book for Easter, plus is totally has a hidden 'moms rock' message (maybe that's why I love it more now.)

While I'm on the subject, here's an FYI: no matter the holiday, I love finding lots of seasonal and holiday books and reading them all like crazy until 'the big day' (whichever day that may be) comes.  Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I've only done the advent-ish thing around Christmas.  Not this year though, this year Easter is going advent too!  See...

It's easy, just gather up all your springy, Easter-ish, bunny/chicky, robin egg titles and write each one on a slip of paper.  (If you need a bigger selection, you could always check some out from the library.)  Then put each paper inside a plastic egg (you could add a treat too) and let the kids pick an egg each day. 

Of course all these books are out for reading at anytime during the pre-Easter weeks, but having one story that is a 'featrured' read aloud each day can be fun. (Also, if you are trying to teach your little ones about the true meaning of Easter, some of the slips of paper could list bible passages as well.)  

Trust me, as soon as you start gathering the eggs and books, excitement will be in the air-- at least it was here. (I'm lucky they didn't see the candy.)  
Happy reading!  Oh, and do you have a favorite Easter book that should be added to our advent fun?

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