Monday, March 26, 2012

Edible Book Festival

Edible Book Festival?  Sure!  Why not.  I decided to participate.  You may have heard me mention this before, my kids LOVE fish.  One of the reasons they love fish so much is because their Papa Steve was an avid fisherman.  We decided to make a fish cake so we could celebrate their Papa's birthday, the fish was inspired by Leo Lionni's Swimmy making it eligible to enter in the Edible Book Festival... here's a little picture journey to show our process.  
*I realize we are EXTREMELY amateur cake decorators.
 **I realize showing step by step photos of this process is quite ridiculous...

We made it, we thought of Leo Lionni's courageous little Swimmy (such a fantastic book), we thought about Papa Steve and how much we miss him and, all in all, we had a lovely time.  Big thanks to Zoe from Playing by the Book for hosting this fantastic event.  There were many entries, the creativity was astonishing.  Click here to see the winners.

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