Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY 'Re-purposed Pallet' Children's Book Shelves

You may or may not know, but Whitney and I are focusing on fun and interesting book storage ideas this month.  If you've missed what we've shown so far... Whit gathered and posted some creative ideas she's discovered on Pintrest, I used Mod Podge to fix my front facing shelves, then I made some hanging bookshelves, Whit turned an old diaper box into a baby crib book shelf - and that brings you up to date.

So, have you seen any of the creative uses for old pallets?  I've seen them and I've deemed them incredibly compatible with my sense of style.  Nope folks, these are not too rustic for me!  The ones that inspired the shelves we made can be found at MaryJanes and Galoshes.

I did not have to go far to find a pallet, nope- just out back.  On the farm we have a pretty large stack of these bad boys.  Just more selection I say!  Incredibly there was a blue one in the stack... SCORE!

Check it out here:  Pallet transformation into picture book storage!
That's Trapper behind the power saw, he helped me out A LOT on this little project (he could be heard mumbling things like "who's blog is this for anyways?" during the process)  But it was all with a teasing grin on his face, what a great husband.  The artists were Snoopy & Bibs of course... there isn't one for miss Kitten, I know.  But as soon as she's old enough to realize she doesn't have one I know where to find another pallet.

Now... there's more to the story, my best friend Kate had this AWESOME long black shelf she offered to me over a year ago (I can't believe it's taken me this long to go get it)... but with this pallet project I just had a feeling the black shelf would tie everything together, and I think it really really really does.  (Also YEA for more book space!!!  all the other shelves in my house are in much better shape now... with a bit of room to spare even, and I'm pretty excited for the new reorganization that's going to take place very very soon.)
(yes, that bear painting is one of those velvet paintings from the 70's and yes there's a whole back story...)

Now for a little close up of the books I chose to house in our new black shelf...
My little golden books and the Seuss collection...

Big Board Books on top then underneath a bit of non-fiction, Mercer Mayer & Curious George.
A selection of a few of our other board books, a variety of hard backs, my serendipity collection then ABC books.

Here you see Kitten is very much enjoying our new book space.
I love it!
Though it's definitely not fancy, or beautiful, or elegant... but I'm none of those things either, so it fits.  I have to add that after everything was all set up Trapper used his best red-neck voice to say "Oh Sweetie, thems sure is some nice shelves you done did make fur us!"  he actually went on for a while and it was really funny, but I can't remember exactly what he said or how he said it.  So there you have it!  Do you think I'm crazy?
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