Thursday, March 1, 2012

And, we're seeing dots!

Have you ever seen these little guys before?
Dot markers, well really dot paints I guess. I love these things! My kids love these things!  Everyone loves these things! (I suspect.)  So, when we pull these out there are big time happy faces around here.  I thought they would be just great with this book I found that is all about dots.

By Craig Frazier
Here's what ya do...

Get out the dot markers and start dotting away before you even think about the book.  These take some exploration time. Really, totally unstructured dotting is the way to begin, even if your kids have used these before.
Then once the kids are over the initial thrill of the dots, pull them over for the book.  It'll give them a fresh look at dots (aka circles). The book uses bold bright graphics (reminiscent of this book) to show that  there are dots all around us in various shapes and sizes...

Now you're ready to see some dots of your own.  We looked for dots around the house first, and then went to markers.  There are two ways to go about it. 

You can make several dots first and then decide what type of picture they should become (adding the other details with crayon).  This seemed to work well for my 4 year old (who, though I haven't told you yet, has decided her blog name should be Rainy).  Her creations are the top pictures you see below: yellow dots that became and 'butterfly' and one big pink dot that became a 'fan' ...

Lilac found it much easier to think of an actual item that has dots and then create it.  Her ideas are are seen in the lower half of the frame above: pancakes, a taxi, and a penguin. (Sorry for all the frames, blogger was not cooperating well with me when I tried to do side-by-sides.)

Both methods of creation are great, and as long as you have a whole lot of this...

... you're doing things exactly right. (If you wondering what "this" is and you can't tell from the picture above, its FUN, of course.)  Happy dotting!
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In case I've persuaded you to get a set of you're own, here's what we used... 

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