Monday, March 5, 2012

And, it's March!

I don't know how closely you follow us.  I mean obviously I'm hoping its very closely. But, just in case it's not, I'll let you in on a little piece of PP&PB info: each month we have a feature author, but, this month we're trying something new. This month our theme is going to be


I, for one, am seriously pumped about this!  My home library pinboard is probably the one I pin the most stuff on. (You know what they say, 'Those who can't do, pin.")  I am constantly on the search for new, cute ways to store the large number of books that sometimes seem to be overtaking this house. 

So, we're gonna have all sorts of ideas about all sorts of book storage.  If you're wondering, yes, this will probably mean several well thought out and clever ideas from Robyn and a lot of randomness from me.  We're such a great team!

Anyway, to inspire you...

Here is a lovely wire book carousel I would love to own!
This is bedside book storage that I have actually been trying to mentally envision and create on my own for months now-- thank goodness someone else pinned it for me to see!

This little beauty is a record holder! Awesome? Most certainly! And perfect for picture books!  I will have one of these in the very near future-- I am determined!

And, because you cannot type in book shelves without seeing these little guys in some form, Ikea spice rack book shelving.  I think even Martha would agree, it's a good thing!

All those came straight from my "cute home library" pinboard!  To see where they came from before that, or to see more inspiration click here

Ahhh, March! We've got so much in store!
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