Thursday, March 15, 2012

6 fantastic picture books & giveaway winner announced!

I must say THANK YOU!  I'm am completely dumb founded by the enthusiasm for these shelves, I had NO IDEA people would be so interested in winning one.  I'm thrilled about the whole thing!  Before I announce the winner I want to say four things:

#1 They are not all that hard to make... if you sew a little you can do it.  And the book Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders is really absolutely fantastic.

#2 I'll definitely host this giveaway again, I mean I did buy the tool to put in grommets... so I'm thinking I should keep on using it.  Please stay tuned for the next time I'm feeling crafty and generous (hehehe).

#3 It was so much fun to read all of your comments!  Whit and I LOVE comments.  And we comment back to everyone who says anything... so check back to see our replies!  We love to get to know our readers and comments make us oh so happy!

#4 After I do announce the winner I've included a consolation prize for all non-winners.  A library list for the next time your picking up books.  Six fairly new books (all new to me) that are all REALLY REALLY great.

without further ado...

the winner is...

Brenda who said "So cool!  I'd love the blue with dots... bottom center."

Congratulations Brenda!  I'll be emailing you to get your info.

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

Now for some recommendations...
Here are six books I've discovered at the library in the last few months, they were all published pretty recently- since 2010 at least.  And they are all REALLY great- and now for a few excerpts...

Little White Rabbit by Kevin Henkes 
These illustrations are about the cutest ever.  I love this bunny.  Super simple, sweet, fantastic story.  This page shows the bunny imagining how it would be if he could fly with the butterflies.

LMNO Peas by Keith Baker
This ABC book is funny, rhyming, clever... and just look at this letter R.  Reading Peas!

Perfect Square by Michael Hall
From the man who brought us My Heart Is Like a Zoo- I love this one even more.  The simplicity... the creativity, the design elements.  It blows my mind.

Hello Baby!by Mem Fox illustrated by Steve Jenkins
I didn't even know warthogs could be adorable!  Thank you Steve Jenkins (I love both author and illustrator here).  Next time I need a gift for a new baby, I'm giving this book!.

 Catch That Baby!by Nancy Coffelt
These illustrations couldn't appeal to me more.  Here we have a super simple story of naked baby on the run. Miss Kitten (my nearly 2yr old) can't get enough of this book.  And honestly we all love it.

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers
Folks, I saved the best for last.  Before I go on I must say I reviewed a book by Jeffers back at the beginning of the blog (when no one was reading except for Whit...) The Incredible Book-Eating Boy is SO SO SO good too, you can read more here.  Anyway, I dare say Stuck was the best book written in 2011 hands down.  It is SO WONDERFUL!  In fact a few months ago I decided I wanted to host a giveaway with this book- so I ordered it on amazon back in January.  I didn't get it until LAST WEEK because they didn't publish enough copies in the first run.  This book is THAT GOOD.  Well, they've done another printing and I have my giveaway copy.  You are looking at it friends.  I'm saving it for next month.  I'll be giving this book plus a super awesome rainbow striped kite.  Friends... stay tuned to PP & PB- we've got lots of good stuff planned (and there will probably be some dumb stuff too, just try to sort through it all).  Thanks again for reading!

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