Monday, February 27, 2012

World Snacks and playing with your food

Oh my!  Thanks to plugging and unplugging and switching cables and updating firmware and variety of painful calls to tech support people-- I'm back! Ha! I defeated the technology demons, or maybe I just appeased them?  Who knows.  Thanks tons to on the ball Robyn for jumping in on Friday!  She's the best! 

So, are you hungry? Awhile back we happened upon these yummy board books at the library. They're pretty cool!   Here's a peek...

World Snack Series by Amy Wilson Sanger

Each book in the series is filled with funky, collage type illustrations of food from a certain culture (very Lois Elhert like, which is a high compliment in my book).  The words in the books bounce around the page and have a rhythmic feel.  And, the whole 'storyline' describes the different dishes shown in the illustrations.  It's really fun. 

Our library had Hola! Jalapeno and Yum Yum Dim Sum.  We must have been craving Mexican that day, because we checked out Jalapeno and left Dim Sum behind.   I've been trying to get a hold of it ever since, but every time I go back I can't find it. (I hate that!)  Side note, I was originally a little worried I might not be able to pronounce some of the dishes, but it turns out the one we checked out had a pronunciation guide on the back, which has me guessing they all do.

Anyway it’s something different and unique. There appear to be 7 books in the series (at this point) featuring: Mexican food, Chinese food, Jewish delicacies, Italian food, Sushi, Soul Food, and Indian food.  Reading these makes me hungry!  And, I think they could be great to get kids interested in learning about and trying new foods.  But, (here comes my infomercial voice) if that isn’t enough--- you could totally enhance the learn-ability of these books with some… FELT FOOD! 

Yes, you read that right! Felt food is like some sort of sensation that is sweeping the internet, yet I somehow totally missed the boat on it UNTIL NOW!  It’s really cool! I first saw it over at Helping Little Hands, with Polly.  She’s got felt food ideas out the wazoo over there and they are so stinkin’ cool—and she made them.  'Hello Lady Talent, meet Madam Contraption.' (That’s me, if you’re wondering.) 

The reason I think her stuff is so cool is because it can totally go ethnic, which makes it a perfect match for this book series.  For Hola! Jalapeno she's got fajitas...
Including the instructions on how to make the tortilla and everything in it on her felt food tutorials page-- EVERYTHING! She's good!

For Mangia! Mangia! she has tons of it Italian food including...
Tortellini, how real do those look? And, you don't even sew those ones, seriously! And, there's pizza and a bunch of other pasta tutorials on her felt food page

Then through Polly's links, I found more felt food that would be great with the Yum Yum Dim Sum...
Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea came up with these spring rolls and broccoli (also 'no sew.' Hooray!) She made fortune cookies too!  You can find all those instructions here. And, total side note, but her site ROCKS-- I want to go to her art studio on vacation and do projects for as long as she'll let me stay, seriously! 'Hello Art Goddess, it's still me, Madam Contraption.' 

Anyway, I'm sure cyberspace is filled with more cool felt food ideas that would coordinate with the other titles in this series.  You know what would be a great birthday present?  One of these books with a variety of felt foods from the same culture-- I'd love someone to give that to ME my kids for their birthday, we'd have a blast!

Happy eating and happy reading!
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