Friday, February 17, 2012

Top Ten Bedtime Stories

Wow!  It's Friday, and that's good news for everyone!  But it's especially good news for... NICHOLLE (whose favorite books were: The Sneetches and Thank You, Mr. Falker)   

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Today's post is all about Bed Time.  And truthfully who doesn't LOVE bedtime?  Bedtime may be my very most favorite time of day (okay, sometimes bedtime is the most stressful, hair pulling out, make me insane time of the day too).  Either way, bedtime equals story time, so we've whipped up a list of some favorites...
 just for you...

Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! & Time to Sleep, Sheep the Sheep!  of course I must begin by sharing Mo Willems bedtime books.  That pigeon is ALWAYS trying to get away with stuff, this time he DOESN"T WANT TO GO TO BED!  OKAY?  As for cat the cat, she's helpful and kind.  And she's having a sleepover.  -r

The Napping House - This is an oldey but a goody!  My husband was just admiring the very retro photo on Audrey and Don Wood on our book jacket.  I totally remember reading this as a kid.  I love the way the illustrations go from dim to bright and of course, Mr. & Mrs. Wood have a whimsical way of weaving a tale. -w 

Good Night, Little Bear ,that last book is not an oldey compared to this one.  I photographed this from my big old Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! but you can get it as it's own little golden book too.  It's such a wonderful bedtime/teasing/playful/fun/good old fashioned delight (and that bear was my mama's when she was a wee little girl, then she passed it on to me). -r

Little Hoot - I have briefly posted about this book before, but I am too in love with it to exclude it from this list!  Little Hoot (the owl) is so annoyed that his parents make him stay up late!  Best line in the book, "When I grow up, I'm going to let my kids go to bed as early as they want!"  Plus, lots of punny owl stuff.  So fun to read! -w

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? I was kinda late on finding out about the 'How Do Dinosaurs' books, then when I discovered them I couldn't belive I didn't own them all.  The pictures!  The rhymes!  The Silliness!  The Dinosaurs!  It's no wonder these books have become SO POPULAR!  Just so you know, Dinoaurs are REALLY REALLY good about going to bed (those stuffed dinosarus belonged to my big brothers back in the late 70's, go ahead- call me a hoarder). -r

Good Night, Gorilla- Umm,  possibly my favorite board book of all time-- that's serious stuff people!  This book is cute and funny and simple and silly and we all love it so much that when I was trying to take the photo of it for this post my toddler would not let go of the book.  -w

Just Go to Bed I am in love with Mercer Mayer books.  Call it childhood nostolgia.  These were the books I read and collected as a child of the 80's.  And here you have Ginger bear holding the book.  You may recall seeing  this bear here at the end of this post.  Ginger was a gift from Grandma Varga back in 1988. -r

Russell the Sheep- I'm not sure if you've ever heard me sing the praises of Splat the Cat-- I've only written like 4 posts about that character. Guess what! Russell the Sheep is created by the same guy!  Yes.  YES.  In this book Russell tries to fall to sleep but things just aren't working out for him. -w

Time for Bed If you're looking for the sweetest and most tender of bedtime stories, look no further.  No whining about bedtimes- no tom foolery, just good old fashined rhythmic text and absolutely beautiful illustrations.  Thank you, Mem Fox.  -r

Llama Llama Red Pajama- First off, this has nothing to do with the book, but are those little animals not so cute, and don't they totally look like they could be llamas? Robyn made them-- she rocks, right? So this book gives us a little taste of llama drama after dark. As usual Mama Llama is there to stop the drama and soothe a sleepy Llama Llama. -w 

There we have it.  A whole slew of books to get you through the rest of the overly long winter nights we all have ahead of us.  Goodnight-
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