Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A to Z Mysteries

So, you've met Robyn's little ones: Snoopy, Kitten and Bibs.  Today we're going to meet one of my chickadees.  Lilac is her self appointed blog name (other names in the running were: Snowflake, Olive, and Green Machine-- she's a complicated woman, what can I say?) 

Before writing this post, I asked her if she were a book character, who would she be-- meaning which character is she most like?  After naming all her favorites, we jointly settled on Judy Moody (hence that photo on the right top), but more on that later.

Meet Lilac! Below you see her in some of her less and more cooperative photo moods...

Lilac is a book junkie. She will spend an entire weekend reading if we let her and she especially has a thing for mysteries.  Because of this, I am constantly on the search for new detective stories.  So, when I came across a three pack of mysteries (at Costco) we hadn't read yet, I was intrigued.

A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy

Can I just say, I am having a terrible time trying to describe these books without sounding like the publisher's description on Amazon.  Hmmm, how can I put this? 

They're a little more suspenseful and crimey--there, that's it, add fake words, they don't do that on Amazon-- as I was saying, more crimey than Nancy Drew and her Clue Crew (Lilac's gateway mystery series, if you're wondering), but they aren't too dark or scary to read before bed, at least not the first 3 books. 

The main characters are 2 boys and 1 girl, so there's no worries about the 'targeted gender' thing. And, through a little sleuthing of my own I came across and nice statement from the author about his commitment to write some good clean fun. (I feel like I'm talking about Leave it to Beaver saying that, but really-- his goal is to have characters that get along and solve the problems without violence, which while it may be old fashioned, is still a nice sentiment in my book.)

And, most importantly, Lilac digs these things!  She can't wait to get her hands on the next book and will probably be through with this whole series before I have time to find some new detective books. 

So, does anyone know any other early mysteries we shouldn't miss? (And, don't worry, we know about David Adler-- whenever I ask Lilac where she left a missplaced item, she closes her eyes and goes 'click' just like Cam Jansen.  Sounds silly, but it seems to work.) 

Happy Reading and happy sleuthing! 
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