Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Teddy Bears Love Hugs" & Simple Valentine Boxes

You know how there are some things from your childhood that get immortalized?  Things you remember as being amazing and wonderful... the best of the best.  And then when you go back to experience those things again (and maybe share them with your husband), you get made fun of because those things aren't really as fantastic and amazing and wonderful as you remember.  Is this ringing a bell for anyone out there?  Well I've got lots of things like that... and here's what I've decided:

Okay, so maybe some of that stuff I LOVED wasn't world altering, beautifully made, award winning entertainment; but here's the thing: I love, that as a child, I LOVED Clash of the Titans
... and She-Ra
 Teddy Bears love hugs (for example)

Does anyone out there even know where this book came from?  My mom couldn't remember where we picked up our $1.95 copy.  My guess is it was a mass produced grocery store type picture book (12 collector stickers inside).  It's one of those books that wasn't ever in the running for any awards.  If I were to pick up a similar book nowadays I'm sure it wouldn't make the blog.  But here's the thing.  I LOVED this book.  I remember spending hours looking through the pages.  Those bears were so adorable to me (I did collect teddy bears after all).  So here's my Valentines treat to the world...

Excerpts from Teddy Bears love hugs...

There you have it.  Now (if anybody's still with me after that) I'll be sharing our Valentines activity, inspired by Vanessa over at Silly Eagle Books.  She made these fantastic valentines boxes by raiding her recycling bin.  The boxes she and her daughter made were so beautiful (you should go see).  After seeing them my thought was this...  Perhaps if we make similar boxes it will inspire/motivate/encourage fun writing activities for the boys.  Six year old Snoopy hasn't been loving writing/reading... getting him to do such things is similar to, I don't know, pulling teeth?  (he loves being read to and having me write his stories down... but writing and reading himself- he'd rather pass).

Here they are... modge podging the fun paper donated by wonderful Auntie Bonnie.

Oh and Whitney (9 hours north of me) got in on the fun with her girlies too!

Here we have finished boxes hanging from Snoopy & Bibs door.

These boxes belong to the chickies over at Whit's abode.

I just love how they all turned out.  It was such a fun project.  So open ended. 

1-take an old cardboard box 
2- cut an opening
3- decorate
4- add some ribbon to hang
5- Voila!

So here's the big question... Have the valentines boxes hanging on bedroom doors led to more 'fun' writing at our house?  Hmmm.  Let me say this... there had been a TON of play associated with these great boxes. 

For instance this fantastic eel that a dear brother stuffed in Kittens box... 

Or my personal favorite, the dead wasp in an old jam jar that was found in her box as well...

Luckily she's not easily upset by such things, its all fun to her- stuffing whatever she finds into their boxes as well.  Some good old fashioned sibling exchanges.  And there have been some actual valentines with a few words written as well (very few words).  Check out this cute stuff... 
And you see the word 'mom' there, right?  Snoopy wrote that!  nicely done. 

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ps.  I told you I collected teddy bears back then.

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