Thursday, February 16, 2012

'Round Robin' has been sticking around this winter

I'm not sure how the weather has been in your corner of the world this winter season, but I know how it's been here in Northern Utah.  VERY mild.  Usually mid-February around here brings blizzards, snow drifts, icy roads, and lots and lots of snow plowing (not to mention the snowmen, snow angels & sledding trips down the hill).  It's been different this year.  I've had mixed emotions about it, but on days like this one...
 I have absolutely LOVED it.  That was last week when me and my sweet three went on a walkabout through the swamp (that is our backyard).  We were at the edge of our property when I spotted this view and captured it with my phone.  It made me feel pretty wonderful about living where we do.

The point is, usually this time of year means all the robin's have flown south, but it just isn't the case for winter 2012.  The boys and I have spotted a big fat robin bobbin around the yard quite a few times in recent weeks.  That bird got me thinking about one of my very favorite books by Jack Kent.

I love Jack Kent, his books are always so much fun, real classics.  This one in particular is very funny, about a greedy little robin who eats so much he can no longer fly...which proves to cause him big problems when winter arrives and it's time to fly south.  I picked up my copy at a local thrift store a few years back.  It seems this book isn't in print anymore, but it isn't impossible to find either. 

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