Thursday, February 23, 2012

Remembering through City Dog and Country Frog

  A year ago today was a horrible day.  The kind of day in which every moment is burnt into my memory.  The kind of day that comes back to me at the most unsuspecting times.  The kind of day that is much more vivid than most.  The unexpected kind of day that no one can ever prepare for.  My kids lost their Papa Steve, my husband lost his Dad and... well it was really hard on all of us, 

In memory of Steve I'd like to share excerpts of a book
words Mo Willems pictures Jon J Muth     
A book of seasons, a book of change.
"What are you doing?" asked City Dog. 
 "Waiting for a friend," replied Country Frog with a smile.
  "But you'll do."
"I am going to do you a favor," said City Dog...
 ..."I am going to teach you City Dog games." 
"What shall we play today?" asked City Dog...
"I am a tired frog," replied Country Frog
"Maybe we can play remember-ing games." 
Country Frog was not there.
Spring... again
"What are you doing?" asked Country Chipmunk.
"Waiting for a friend," replied City Dog Sadly. 
Then he smiled a froggy smile and said...
"But you'll do."
This is such a lovely book.  It's so simple yet speaks volumes about life., friendship, loss, change and remembering...  
Living your life remembering with joy.

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