Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, AKA: life lessons from the pigeon

Well, may I begin by saying I am very frightened to write this post.  Based on the extremely high volume of comments on yesterday's post where I announced Mo Willems as our feature author this month (the high volume was ZIP if you're wondering) I am thinking perhaps...
the unlikely (A) everyone of you agreed with every word I said and couldn't have put it better yourself
the possible, though I just don't understand it (B) You're not such fans of Mo but didn't want to say anything and hurt our feelings
or the most likely (C) my crazy commentary on Facebook about mo' in sto' was just too much and you couldn't bring yourselves to even click the link.

At times like these I ask myself, what would the pigeon do?  I think he'd press on-- of course he does have a Caldecott Honor backing him up.  I've just got Robyn to text for moral support.  Anyway, hand in wing, the pigeon and I press forward.  He's a very helpful bird.  Let me show you...

by Mo Willems

Remember this post, where Robyn discussed her little boy's desire for a pet?  Well, we have someone like that in this house too.  But, it's not a little boy.  It's a big, grown up boy (my husband).  He's all about the pets.  I promise to go into our pet history at another time (we almost make Robyn look normal).  But, for now let me tell you about his latest pet wish...
Exhibit A
Somehow those little balls of fur (albeit, hypo-allergenic and highly trainable balls of fur) turned a grown man into this...
Exhibit B

So, he found and reserved a puppy.  Fine I think, we can still change our mind, it's not even conceived yet.  But, and this is a big but, he then told one of the kids about it!  Oops! Now more people are showing signs of the behavior seen in exhibit B.  And now it's the small people who we really don't like to make a habit of disappointing.

Wanna hear the real problem?  My husband is suddenly having mental images that look something like this...
Exhibit C
The pigeon is actually being gracious there.  He left out pee, chewing, whining, poop, mud, barking.  Yikes! But, remember, the kids already know. No going back. 

So, the moral of this one?  If you're thinking of maybe getting a puppy, read this book first. The pigeon gives great advice!

Happy reading and careful pet adopting!
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