Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Heart is Like a Zoo and a heart project too

Hello again, Whitney here with another love book and project for you.  First, before you get to thinking that I am some kind of insane mom who has a project going every. single. minute.  Let me assure you, that is not the case. 

Last weekend we were supposed to go out of town for my sister-in-law's wedding, but bad roads put a damper on that plan.  So, as consolation, I promised the kids we could spend the weekend doing projects.  Yesterday's wreaths were part of the project-fest as was today's activity!

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.  The activity is inspired by this little book that I just happen to be fascinated with...
By Michael Hall
This book is captivating to me for some reason.  It has bold illustrations of animals made from heart shapes and it has silly rhymie text.  Technically it's not a Valentine book, so feel free to read it anytime of year ( I know I will.)

I can't describe why exactly why, but this book just sings to me!  It's bright and fun & when I look at the pictures I just think, "Wow!  It's so simple, but so fantastic."  I tried to take some pictures of the illustrations but they just didn't come out as crisp and vivid as the book, so really, go check this out and see for yourself.  If anyone already has, please help me explain the allure.  It's just so cool and I am really doing a poor job of elaborating!

Anyway, almost immediately after reading the book I knew we had to make some heart animals of our own...
So, very easy: in the book hearts are used the make the different body parts of a variety of animals.  In order to make ours, all I did was cut out some hearts before hand-- literally, that's all. And, I'm thinking you might be able to find paper hearts around right now, so that would save you the cutting step.
 The kids glued them together to make the animals of their choice. At first the kids were crazy gluing hearts everywhere for necks, knees, toes & every body part imaginable, but we found that simple was better.
  Above is a mosquito.  How cute is that? (The legs are from hearts too).  And, below is a caterpillar (not made by the same kid if you're wondering), you can't see all his legs which are trailing behind him, but I wanted you to see his hilarious mustache and eyebrows.
They made oh so many more.  My four year old even asked to do the project again one day while her sister was at school and we had hearts left over, so away she went.

(Also, if your wondering, my toddler always gets in on the projects too.  I give her a little glue and a small brush just like the big kids and she has a marvelous time.  If you are looking for tips on my gluing method, check here.)

 Okay, that seems like a wrap right?  Wrong! 

I saw these amazing illustrations on Silly Eagle Books.  Click the link because I am sure to bumble about explaining this, but they are these fabulous animals created from textured and patterned paper.  I thought that idea could really add something to our heart animals.  So, away we went again...
There were still plain hearts left (I may have gone a little overboard when I cut those), so I just picked out a couple of pieces of patterned scrapbook paper and cut some hearts from those right before the kids bath. 
 Don't worry, they were occupied running laps around the kitchen table while I was cutting-- dead serious there.  Anyway,  I think the addition of the patterned paper really makes these little guys pop!
Now I just have to find somewhere to put all of these creations, maybe  we'll make our own My Heart is Like a Zoo book-- now that could be fantastic!  Oh, I love book-ish inspiration!

Happy Reading!
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