Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Chat with Cat the Cat

Hi Cat the Cat!  It's me Robyn the Robyn.  You know I love you, right?

Well there's something I have to tell you and I don't think you're going to like it.  I read a review about you the other day, and it was NOT very flattering.

Oh Gosh.  I probably shouldn't have said anything.  The review just said things like "these books are overly simplified... the artwork could have been done by a child... I don't even know why my daughter loved them so much."  (The good news is that her daughter LOVED you, he he he.) 

I was actually pretty shocked by this review because I love you so much, I really didn't know there were people out there who didn't!  One of the many reasons I love you is because my kids love you too.  

Guess what says when we read about the new friend you made?

Hey!  How'd you know?  The page she was on gave it away didn't it?  Good job! 

So I was wondering if you are familiar with Max?  He's the main character in a set of books my Kindergarten son has been getting sent home to read lately.  Here's a page from the latest installment to enter our home...

Do you know what any of that text even means?

THANK YOU!  me and my son don't get it either.  It's so frustrating when he's trying to read these books and they don't even make ANY sense.  It's like reading gibberish!  Honestly the only thing that has saved me lately is after we've tried to painfully get through one of those Max books, I reward my little guy with reading one of yours.  While he detests Max, he loves reading you!  The truth is your books are perfect for emergent readers.  They are short, have simple text, are filled with high frequency sight words, have some easily decodable words, your expressive pictures help tell the story, and (the big one) THEY ARE FUN!  They have great little stories with clever endings.  I just think each one's a delight!  I do have one complaint... there are only four books.  So, I was thinking you might be able to talk to Mo for me.  You know, just ask him if he could write more, like maybe fifty or so.  Then we could just throw every single Max book out the window.  How 'bout it?

Hey, I'll happily take a maybe on that!  Thanks so much.  I really enjoyed this chat!  Oh and tell Elephant and Piggie "Hey" for me... I have a feeling they are going to really help me out in the next few years.
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