Monday, February 20, 2012

Mo' To-Do...

Hi, remember this? Well we thought, in the spirit of silliness, it might be fun to have a To-Do List for Mo as well.  Some of this is just plain ridiculous and some is stuff Mo might really do.  Enjoy…

- Dust Emmy's

- Get quarters for laundry mat-- check lost and found there

- Make friendship bracelets for Elephant and Piggie

- Buy hot dogs, don't forget mustard

- Take Trixie to the Bronz Zoo (not only is Trixie a character, that's really his daughter's name)

- Drop Edwina off for play date at Von Hoobie-Doobie residence

- Pick up Naked Mole Rat's dry cleaning

- Take pigeon to get his CDL

- Lunch with Elmo at Hooper's Store

- Get Blarggie to English dictionary for Cat The Cat

- Get windows cleaned at Knuffle Manor (this is what he calls his house, for real)

- Help Pigeon write his guest post for PP&PB

- Pick up Gerald's anti-anxiety meds

Well, that's that.  What else do you think he's doing?  I'm bummed we don't know about his shoes or sweater preferences like we did with Jan-- have any of you ever been to a Mo book signing or seen an interview with him? If yes, we'd love to hear about it.
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& Bonnie-- she helped too!

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