Wednesday, February 29, 2012

La La La Leap Year

Random fact: when I was a kid I always thought it would have been so cool to be born on Leap Year!  Why? I have no idea-- you wouldn't really have your birthday every year, but it'd be sweet and maybe like a really big deal every four years!  (That sounds so odd now, I guess I was a weirdo.)  Anyway, I love Leap Year so I gotta hype it up-- and obviously one hypes up Leap Year by LEAPING!   Duh.    So, leapin' at you with the help of some of my book friends...




PS- I tried to get my kids to all leap-- in unison (that may have been my mistake) so I could add them to the leap year fun.  It didn't exactly work out.  Wanna see a cute pic of a kid jumping?  Look here (Scroll a bit--good thing Melissa has magical photography skills).

PPS-- Sorry, just saw this one on pinterest and had to add it for all you crazy cat ladies...

Happy Leaping!
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